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As I explained in a previous post (now deleted), I got a paid offer for this story due to its popularity. So, I had to unpublish all chapters from Wattpad except for the first 5.

BUT! The story is still available to read here:


Or just search for "Afterschool Kissing Sessions" on the FicFun app or website.

I'm sorry for the inconvenience and I hope you can understand... This was a huge opportunity for me and I got loads of support from all of you in the previous post and in other social media accounts to go through with it, so I hope you keep reading and please don't give up on the story.

I love you all and your hilarious comments ^-^ and I will keep reading them whenever I need cheering up.

P.S. All of my other stories will not be affected by this and will continue being published on Wattpad.

Preview of the next Chapter: "My eyes widened and my heart stopped. His deliciously skilled lips took control of mine. I don't want this, but I can't seem to pull away. What if my mother comes in? Or my brother? Shit, I don't want this, but... He's definitely much more skilled than Mr. Wolff."

(The story has a total of 25 chapters + an epilogue + an alternative ending as requested by a wattpad follower).

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