chapter twenty-seven ; final warning

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july. 2010

Millie slowly paced back in forth while holding her cellphone up to her ear. It was the middle of night, around eleven o'clock, and she was standing in a gas sation parking lot. She was going to call the D.E.A and tell them about Dom and the lab while Finn was at her apartment working on the bomb.

Eventually the phone stopped ringing and a secretary answered. Millie told the woman that she wanted to speak to David Harbour. It took a bit of convincing and a few lies but she eventually was able to get through.

"I have something really important to tell you and I need you to listen to me." The brunette girl stated firmly.

David sighed deeply. He assumed that it was a prank call, mainly because he didn't recognize Millie's voice and she seemed to serious to actually be serious.

"What do you want?" He retorted. He just wanted to get back to work. He didn't have time for jokes.

Millie paused for a moment to think about what she was going to say. She had to make sure that it would make sense. It was a life or death situation and she couldn't mess it up.

"You're right about Dom Gonzalez and the lab. He has a huge underground lab at the old Ives' Laundromat. He's one of the biggest meth distributors in this area." She answered, hoping that he wouldn't freak out and just start yelling.

Fortunately for her, David was absolutely speechless. Tons of questions instantly filled his head and he had no clue as to what he should ask the anonymous girl first. Furthermore her voice sounded rather familier but he didn't know who she was.

"Who... Who are you?" He muttered, still in a complete state of shock.

"I can't tell you. But you are in danger and you will be in danger until Dom is gone."

David was getting ready to ask another question but it was too late. Millie hung up and then broke her phone in half just seconds later. She broke the device so that nobody would be able to track it back to her. She dropped the broken halves onto the ground as she began to walk away.

While she walked she pulled a cigarette and her lighter out of her pant pocket. She smiled while thinking about all that had happened in the past few days. It finally felt like they were going to be out of the mess that they'd been in for so long.


The brunette girl watched in anticipation as Finn was putting the final touches on the bomb that they were going to use to kill Dom. He'd been working on it for nearly three hours and he was only a few minutes away from completing it. Millie found it absolutely fascinating how he was able to simple create a deadly bomb from simple items.

"I think it's done." The tall boy stated while looking at his creation. He wasn't totally sure that it would work but all they could do was hope for the best.

Millie smiled. "Now what?" She asked.

"We have to attach it to Dom's car and then wait for the perfect time to detonate it." He explained to the girl. He thought the next step was obvious although apparently it wasn't for Millie.

"And how do we do that?" She questioned further. Finn chuckled quietly and took a step closer to her.

He gently placed his right hand on her cheek and looked into her eyes. Millie swallowed hard and felt her face start to warm up.

"You talk too much." Finn whispered. Before she knew it, he'd leaned in and pressed his lips onto hers. Millie took a step backward and placed her hand on his chest as they deepened the kiss.

They both felt almost invincible. Whenever they were together it was like they were unstoppable. They were the perfect team. Finn had the knowledge and Millie had the knowhow to actually get it done.

Millie pulled away from the kiss, slightly panting, with a grin on her face. Finn brushed a strand of her hair out of her face. He smiled. "We are going to win."


"Hurry up bitch." Millie scoffed in a quiet voice. Finn was underneath Dom's car attempting to install the explosive that they'd built the night before. They had no clue as to how long it would be before Dom returned so they needed to hurry.

Unfortunately it wasn't a simple job. He had to be careful so that he didn't accidentally detonate the bomb in his face.

The boy sighed and scooted out from under the vehicle. "I think it's good." He stated. Millie grabbed his hand and helped him up. They gathered all the tools and then headed back over to Finn's car.

Then they waited. Waiting was really all that they could do. They just had to sit in Finn's car until Dom got into his and began to drive somewhere. Then they would follow him until they got to a secluded place.

All of a sudden Finn's phone started to ring, nearly giving Millie a heartattack. Her nerves had been on edge ever since they started installing the bomb.

He pulled the cellphone out of his pocket and flipped it open.

"Finn! Where the hell have you been!? We've all been super worried." Natalia practically shouted. Considering he hadn't been home for over twenty four hours, the entire family was worried. But Natalia was the most frightened out of all of them. She knew how dangerous his work was and she honestly thought that something horrible had happened to him.

"I'm just taking care of some business. I'm fine." He tried to explain in a way that calmed her down yet gave her little to no information.

"Look Finn, I-" Before Natalia could finish talking, Millie shoved Finn's shoulder and then pointed to the door of the restauraunt. Dom walked out of the building and then started to make his way over to his car.

Finn ended the call and threw his phone in the backseat, he needed to concentrate completely. He put the key in the ignition and was getting ready to start the car until he noticed something that shocked him.

"Oh shit..." He muttered just loud enough for Millie to hear.

Two very familier men walked out of the restauraunt just a minute or two after Dom. The two men in question were David and Robert. Even after the warning call, David still wanted to follow Dom around. He wanted to catch him with the evidence. In fact, the warning call simply egged him on. It helped prove to him that Dom was guilty.

Although Finn and Millie couldn't back out. They were going to have to follow Dom and simply hope that they'd get the chance to kill him, before he got the chance to kill any of them.

* * * *

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