Chapter 22

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Y/N's pov:

" Why am I so nervous .." I mumbled to myself.

Jinyoung and I were heading to his dad's house, which is now technically my dad's house too, but that's beside the point.

" Don't be nervous. I'm right here. " Jinyoung held my hands and scrunched his nose.

" Okay

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" Okay. " I chuckled at his cute face.

*Ding Dong*

He rang the doorbell. Soon, we could hear someone stomping towards the door.

" What do you want? " A man appeared at the front porch.

" I came to introd-"

" Darling who's there? " We heard a woman's voice coming from inside the house.

" Oh, that's my useless son. Whatever, Yumi, this is my son. And you. This is your mother. " Jinyoung's father pointed to Yumi.

" W-What? Mother?" Jinyoung asked not believing his ears. " How can you move on from mom so quickly ?" Tears were slowly forming in his eyes.

" You want me to continue mourning for a late person? Are you crazy? Of course, I need to move on? " Jinyoung's father spoke carelessly as if talking about his late wife wasn't hard at all.

Jinyoung looked at his father in disbelief and glanced at the women who was clinging onto his father's arms.

" I will never regard you as my mother. "

Before Jinyoung's father could throw a punch at him, Jinyoung already dragged me away from his house.

" Oppa.," I mumbled as I saw Jinyoung silently crying.

We were at a forbidden lake and Jinyoung sat near the lake while I distanced myself away from him, wanting to give him some space.

" Everything's going to be okay. " I approached him and engulfed him into a big hug.

" Everything's going to be fine... " I cooed as I stroked his head.

" H-How can he move on so easily from mom?" Jinyoung cried into the crook of my neck.

Seeing him crying broke my heart. But I knew I needed to stay strong for him.

" Don't worry. Everything will be just fine. You have everyone you need by your side. " I shot him a smile, trying to cheer him up.

" I love you. " He mumbled as he hugged me tighter.

" Me too. " I pecked his forehead.

<Time skip>

Jinyoung was now fast asleep after the crying session and I was just doing my own work until someone had to interrupt me.

" Y/N!! Can we play now? We've been waiting for ages!!" Jihoon barged into the room with Daehwi and Guanlin tagging behind.

" I'm doing my work which is the exact same one the 3 of you haven't touched yet. " I said, making them pout.

" Play with us!!" The 3 of them started whining.

" If you let me finish my homework, I'll play with you. So can you please go away? " I tried asking as politely as I could.

" Nope. We'll be staying here. I swear we will be so quiet you won't even notice us here. " Daehwi said and jumped onto my bed, followed by Jihoon and Guanlin.

" Ya!" I shouted at them, but they already started the game and was so engrossed in it.

After completing my homework, I played with the boys for a while, before going to the kitchen to get some food.

" Woojin? Since when did you come back? " I asked when I saw Woojin in the kitchen.

Woojin and some of the boys went out to buy some stuff in the morning.

" Jagi? Oh, I came back not too long ago. " He said as he gulped down a glass of water.

I walked towards the cabinet and looked for some snacks when a hand snaked around my waist.

" I missed you .." Woojin placed his head on my shoulder.

" We saw each other this morning. " I playfully rolled my eyes at him and walked away.

"Ya... How can you leave your boyfriend alone?" He whined and hugged me all the way back to my room.

" So? What are you going to do now? " Woojin asked while lying comfortably on my bed.

" I'm not sure. " I paused for a while before something came into my mind.

Oh right! I was supposed to take some of my stuff from my house.

" Woojin! Can you accompany me to my house? I got some stuff to take. " I asked Woojin.

" Sure let's go. "

*Knock* *Knock*

After a few minutes of knocking, the door finally opened but instead of my step-mother opening the door, it was a middle-aged lady who opened it.

" Sorry, who are you?" She asked politely.

"Erm... I live here?" I began to question myself too.

" Are you... Y/N?" She asked.

Wait what? How did she know my name?

" Yes, I am. May I know what's going on?" I asked her again.

" Your step-mother sold this house to me and have already moved out of this area. If you don't have any more questions to ask, I need to go back to cooking. " She said and closed the door.

Wait what?!

" Y/N. Y/N!" Woojin shouted loudly, snapping me out of my thoughts. " You okay there?" He asked as he held my hands.

" I'm fine. It's just... It's weird not having my step-mother around here to boss me around. " I sighed.

" You'll get used to it sooner or later. " Woojin smiled.

" I guess... Okay okay. Let's go. " I said and dragged him back home.

<Time skip>

" Don't think about what happened today okay? Goodnight. " Woojin said and pecked my forehead, before embracing me into his hug.

" Goodnight. "

And with that, both of us fell into deep sleep.


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