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Some promises aren't always kept.

3 week later

Mary's POV

I am back at Ethan's penthouse. He's been taking good care of me while I healed. I can tell he's stressed though . It's all over his face . Somethings bothering him and I know it.

He has bad eye bags that make me worry about his well being . He'll be lying about being ok when he's not and I know he's not . He's been so worried over me that he hasn't taken care of himself . I try tell him that I'm fine now but he won't listen.

I'm really worried about him I wonder what is on his mind .

I am currently lying in bed alone . I've been sleeping alone ever since I got back from the hospital. It's 3 in the morning and I can't sleep because Ethan has been on my mind all day.

I decided to go and check up on him cause I'm getting worried . I slowly got off the bed because I'm still sore from my wound . I held my side as I walked out the room to look for him . I checked the restroom , kitchen , and living room the only place he could be is his room .

I slowly and carefully walk to his room , and without him catching me I peek my head through the door . I looked at him on his knees crying while looking into the mirror with tears covering his eyes .

"I can't protect her ."

"It was all my fault now I have to suffer ." He said to himself.

I felt horrible he's sleep deprived and he's blaming himself for the incident. He's doing all of this to himself just so I can be happy or satisfied when I'm not . I feel alone without him lying next to me while wrapped up in his arms . I want to feel that again but something's telling me I won't feel that again anymore.

I walked up from behind him and wrapped my arms around his waist. He quickly wiped away his tears .

"Go back to bed Mary . You shouldn't be up , the doctors said you need to rest your back ." He said .

"I'm fine Ethan I've said this one hundred times . It's my turn to take care of you now ." I said .

"Now come on and get in bed ." I grabbed his hand and tried to pull him out of his room. He wouldn't move .

"No Mary .Go to bed .The doctors said it's better for you if you sleep alone."

"No I need you to sleep Ethan." I replied

IM NOT A CHILD YOU DON'T HAVE TO WORRY ABOUT ME EVERY 5 SECONDS !" He said now fuming. He turned away from me and pointed at the door signaling me to get out .

"Ok." I muttered and walked out of the room but instead of going back to bed I got my keys and decided to go out for a drive .

I left my phone because I know he's going to track me or something so I took my secret burner phone. The building was empty except for me ,Grayson ,Ethan , and a few security guards . I knew Ethan told the bodyguards to not let me out so instead of parking my car in the parking lot I left it outside. I made my way to the secret exit . But then i remembered that my car had a tracker on it too . I had to go for a drive my brain was begging for it .

"Ayo Trey ! You in the city ?"

"Yeah lil mama , what's good ?" He replied.

"Yo do you mind if we go out for a drive ? I need to clear my mind ."

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