Chapter 1

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I looked at our hands and sighed. This was perfect. We were together, and after everything, happy. The wars were over and we had won. I was with Annabeth and much to the Aphrodite cabins delight, we were a couple.

"At last!" Piper had exclaimed. I had laughed and pecked Annabeth on the cheek as a chorus of sighs erupted from behind me. A smile bloomed on Annabeths face when my face flushed beetroot red.

She's not one to smile easily. I tried to point this out but she judo flipped me and I was soon lying on the floor, staring at her beautiful, beautiful face.

Now, I'm sitting on the beach with my girlfriend staring at the sun set over the water. "This is nice" I say looking into her perfectly grey eyes.

She looks back before elbowing me. "Shut up seaweed brain". I moan and look forwards again.
A while goes by and we just sit there, peacefully, although I am fidgeting quite a bit. "Do you think Leo is ok?" I ask, breaking the silence.

"I don't know. But he's got Festus so I'm sure he'll come back at some point."she says, smiling at me. I offer a small, broken smile.

I'm worried about him, we haven't heard anything. I should have saved him, should have done something. It's really quiet at camp and it doesn't feel complete without Leo.

Even Chiron is feeling it and keeps sending us on missions, presumably to keep my mind off it. I appreciate it but, it gets annoying sometimes when people worry about me. That's what I'm meant to do, worry about them.

Annabeth turns to me again and drops a short but sweet kiss on my cheek. I smile again and look her right in the eyes.

"Love you wise girl"
"Love you seaweed brain"


That was three weeks ago. A whole three weeks that Annabeth has been missing and people have been fussing over me. "Oh it's okay Percy!" "Don't worry Percy"

Of course I'm going to worry. She went on a mission to find someone and she hasn't come back. It's been too long and she isn't here with me, of course I'm going to worry.

Having enough of sitting in my cabin and not wanting to talk to anyone, I wander down to the beach. Annabeth appears, crystal clear in my mind, and I start to cry. All of the feelings I've been keeping in just pour out of me like a raging tsunami.

I cry for Annabeth, for Leo, for the demigods who died, for those that didn't die but are missing. I cry for myself, and everyone. I cry because I am crying and cry more because of that.

In between sobs I hear steps behind me. I stiffen and ignore it, expecting it to be someone from the Aphrodite cabin, again.


I spin around, tears still streaming down my face.
"Percy it is you! I've been looking for you for ages. Chiron wants to see you, he has a job for you. Come on, follow me." She says, her eyes as grey as ever but her hair just a little bit dulled.

Now I may not be the smartest demigod but I do know that hair is meant to get brighter in the sun, not darker. That was what tipped me off.

"Annabeth, you've been gone for a week. Where were you?" I say getting to my feet and gripping riptide gently in my hand. "Trying to find you! I completed the mission and got lost, I couldn't find you!" She says, tears welling in her eyes.

"Annabeth you know this area like the back of your hand. You've spent a good amount of your life here." I reason. She just smiles, the tears long gone, beckoning with her hand as she leaves me, again.

I follow carefully, fully expecting her to turn into a monster. This isn't my Annabeth, she wouldn't cry for a few seconds and then be fine, and she knows this area well. Come to think of it, she probably wouldn't cry at all.

Suddenly she stops as we near a tree. I stand with my back to the sea and riptide ready in my hand. She turns and smiles before falling to the floor. I stop myself from running to her and wait to see what happens.

It takes all my will power. All I want to do is cradle her and make sure she is okay but I can't. Something else is going on.

Just as I'm about to run to her I hear a shout and a flash of flight starts flying towards me. I gasp and duck, narrowly dodging the shot. I pull the cap off my pen and riptide expands to full length, just in time to dodge another light ball.

Maybe this guy is related to the Jedi! That would be awesome! I hear a shout behind me but I ignore it, continuing to dodge the attacks.

Finally, when there was a slight break between attacks I risk a glance behind and see Jason running towards me.

A lightning blast soon hits the person attacking me and they fall to the floor unconscious. I turn around, grinning.
"Jason! Good to see you!"

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