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"Here we are," Jennie said and placed the cup of tea on the counter in front of her dad. She leant against the counter and watched the people in the shop manoeuvre between the closely packed heavy bookcases.

"Thanks Jen, but you know I don't drink tea," her dad said with a smile. She stopped drinking and looked over at him. "The American in me forbids it,"

"Then why-"

"Give it to Jisoo," He said and pushed the cup over to her. "Take care of our customers,"

"Ugh," she grabbed her tea and picked up Jisoo's too. "Why are you like this," She grumbled as she walked over to the chairs where Jisoo sat, legs crossed, her nose buried in a book.

Jennie placed the cup of tea down on the table in front of her. She didn't look up. Jennie sat down in the chair next to her and cleared her throat. She still didn't look up.

"Jisoo?" No reply. She tapped the girl's shoulder and immediately she looked up.

"Oh hey," she smiled at Jennie. "Sorry if you were calling me for ages, I don't hear people when I'm reading,"

"No, it's okay. Do you drink tea?" Jennie replied and moved the cup towards Jisoo.

"Oh yes please. I am British after all," she laughed and picked up the cup.

"I don't want to seem racist or anything but," Jennie began. Jisoo raised her eyebrows and sipped her tea. "I can't help but notice we're both Korean. Correct me if I'm wrong,"

"Yes..." Jisoo said.

"I was just wondering whether you've lived in England your whole life or moved over from Korea at all,"

"Oh. Uh... I think I lived in Korea until I was about 4, or 5. So I don't really remember. I've lived in London all my life after that," Jisoo replied. "What about you? Your dad sounds American,"

"Oh he is. He was born in America and grew up there, his parents are Korean. He moved over here to live with my mum. My mum was born in Korea and only moved to England when she was 20, to go to Oxford actually," Jennie said and looked down at her tea, swirling it around in the cup. "I was born and raised in England,"

"Oxford huh," Jisoo and drunk half of her tea in one go. "Is that why you want to go? Cos your mum went?"

"Hmm, partially," Jennie replied. It was a lie. It was the one and only reason she wanted to go. "I want to be an author like she was,"

"Your Mum is an author?" Jisoo asked, placing her tea down. She sat up in her chair and turned to face Jennie properly, her interest obvious.

"Yeah. She was," Jennie replied, still watching her tea swirl. "She's dead now," she said bluntly. She hated talking about this.

"Oh gosh. I'm sorry Jennie," Jisoo said quietly, placing a hand on Jennie's arm. Her hand was surprisingly warm on such a cold winter day. Jennie smiled and raised her eyes to Jisoo's. She look genuinely sorry.

"It's okay. What are you reading?" She wanted to change the subject fast. Before she started crying at least.

Jisoo showed her the cover. "The Hobbit, I've read it a billion times already. But I just love J.R.R.Tolkien,"

"Huh," Jennie felt a little embarrassed. "I've actually never read any of his books-"

"What?!" Jisoo almost shouted. "Really? They're classics! Not even the lord of the rings books?"

"No, fantasy never really interested me," Jennie replied, finished her tea and set it down on the small coffee table.

"See that's what I thought. Until I read The Hobbit when I was about 12, at school. And I was hooked! He has such a nice writing style- you can tell the book's old. Do you understand? And the lord of the rings books too- they can be hard work if you're not paying attention, but they leave you feeling satisfied,"

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