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A cold February morning brought all sorts into the bookshop. Cold days always do, and therefore Jennie Kim loved winter. It meant she could do her job: spending all day, every day aiding customers in Kim's Bookshop. And of course reading the large selection of books the shop had to offer.

Her father's famous bookshop stood proud and tall in the middle of the London high street- opposite Costa. It was a traditional bookshop- made of hard wood, a deep brown colour, with shelves packed full of old and new books. Customers were allowed to either borrow or buy the books that were squashed into the shelves- any type of book lover was welcome in the shop. There were armchairs in each corner, the old but ridiculously comfortable type- Jennie often finds a child (sometimes an adult) asleep in them. The place smelt of old books- the best smell in Jennie's opinion- and sometimes coffee- which was odd as they don't sell coffee. Jennie assumes it's Costa's coffee opposite the shop that makes it smell this way. Nevertheless she didn't mind- coffee and books went well together.

Although she was expecting an array of different types of people to pass by this morning- one person she didn't expect was the woman that was standing outside the shop now. She frowned as she peered through the window, trying to see what she was doing. The woman suddenly stopped, and sat down. Right next to the door. And to Jennie's surprise she pulled out a book and started reading it.

"Excuse me a moment," she said, turning back to the mother and child she was just talking to. "The children's section is over there. Please have a good look,"

She headed towards the doors. "Jennie? Where are you going? Lunch break is still an hour away," Her fathers voice called after her. She turned and smiled at him. He was a short rotund American-Korean man, with a cheery smile and hearty laugh.

"There's something going on outside the shop, I'm just checking up on it," she said and spun back around. She opened the door and looked at the woman, reading outside a bookshop on the cold concrete floor. Jennie crossed her arms and leaned up against the door of the bookshop.

"Excuse me?" She called out. The woman didn't look up. Jennie tapped her shoulder and her head spun around, and she frowned at Jennie. "What are you doing, may I ask, outside of my bookshop?"

"Uh, reading?" She said with a little hint of impatience and sarcasm and looked back down at her book. Jennie noticed she was Korean, like her. She had long black hair that flowed down her back in large waves.

Jennie shook her head and frowned. "Outside a book shop?"

The woman turned again. "This is a bookshop?" She stood up slowly. Jennie laughed.

"Well, I'm assuming you can read," she indicated to the sign above the glass doors.

"Ohh, Nice," The woman sat back down again and continued reading. Jennie blinked in confusion.

"Are you gonna come in? We have seats you know, you don't have to sit on the floor," Jennie said and prodded the woman's shoulder again.

"Uh, no thanks," the woman said and closed her book. "It's this thing I do- I walk 2 miles and wherever I stop, I read. So thanks, but no thanks. But I'm cool here,"

Jennie let out a little laugh. "That's not a bad plan actually. I might try it,"

"You read?" The woman asked with interest, tucking her hair behind her ear so could see Jennie more clearly.

"Yes," Jennie said. "I do own a bookshop after all,"

"Oh do you?"

"Yes... this one right here," she indicated behind her with a frown. "I have told you this,"

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