Mission Assignment

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"Can you say that again? You want me to what?" Clarke asked not quite sure she heard right and Becca smiled at the blonde girl's reaction, she wasn't expecting anything less, it is quite a shock. "We want you to travel back in time though it might be slightly different that you would imagine." She said and Clarke looked at her confusedly. "What exactly am I supposed to do then? I don't understand anything, Becca." Clarke pleaded and the woman nodded understanding her. "I know, do not worry, I will explain everything to you right now." She said as Clarke nodded.

"You are going to travel back in time but not physically. We will, in a way, download your mind of now into your own body of a certain moment in time where we think will the best one for the changes we want you to make. More like changes we need you to make." She said and Clarke looked at her. "Can they do that?" she asked in awe and Becca smiled. "Of course they can. There are certain events you must prevent from happening Clarke, Lexa's death being the most important one to avoid at all costs." She said as Clarke took some time to think this over.

If she did this, she could stop a lot of bad things from ever happening, she could save a lot of people. However, she remembered that the death wave would come and started to wonder if it wasn't pointless to go through all this trouble for nothing and she said so to Becca. "What does it matter if we will die when the death wave comes anyway?" she said and Becca shook her head. "It matters Clarke because the death wave and the destruction of the nuclear power plants can be avoided." She said and Clarke was staring at her in complete shock. "What do you mean it can be avoided?" she asked.

"When A.L.I.E stole the launching codes for the missiles that destroyed our planet, she didn't have access to all of them just the ones she was able to hack into it. The other ones I managed to hid from her, the codes were on the things brought down with me in the pod from the Polaris Station you found on Polis. When Jaha and A.L.I.E took control of the city, my pod was one of the first things she had him looking for, of course she didn't tell him for what she wanted it but it was those codes she was looking for. Her plan was to set them off so people could only live in the City of Light." She explained.

"She downloaded herself into them and gained the access to it that she didn't have the last time she tried to destroy the world, I believe your friend Murphy took too long to destroy her when he had the chance so as soon as she was in, she activate the meltdown of the power plants that were left so that even if he or you tried to destroy her at least she would have finished what she started it all those years ago. So you see Clarke, if you can get to those codes, you can stop this apocalypse from happening in the first place." Becca explained and Clarke was beyond stunned. It was A.L.I.E's fault, all those deaths, she caused it.

"You screwed up the whole world by creating that thing, you know that right?" she said angrily and the older woman nodded regretfully. "Believe me, I know the monster I created it and I will forever live in shame and remorse for all the disaster and pain she caused to the planet and human kind but you once again can right that wrong and save many more people from her crutches if you agree to go on this trip. You have a choice to make Clarke, no one will force you but if you do say yes to it, you must compromise to go all the way." She said and let Clarke digest her words a little and think on what she wanted to do.

Thing is there wasn't much to think about. She had to do it, for everyone she could save, including Lexa and for a better future for everyone, to save the planet for a second destruction, she had to do it. She knew her answer. "I'm in." she said firmly and Becca looked at her. "Are you sure about this? There is no turning back if you accept it." She said but Clarke was firm on her decision. "Where do I begin?" she said and Becca could feel her determination and smiled. They were doing this.

"Very well, first I will explain a few things to you if you will follow me." She said and snapped her fingers and a door suddenly appeared in front of them which still surprised Clarke despite the knowledge that she seemed to be in a place where everything was possible. Becca entered and Clarke followed her and walked through the door and they seemed to be in a room, it looked like it was a normal room, all white but there were two chairs and a desk and monitors like the ones that showed her the videos of her life before. They sat down opposite of each other and Becca stared at her before she started speaking.

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