Valley of Time

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“The who of what now?” Clarke asked completely unaware of what was going on and Becca smiled at the confusion she could clearly see etched in Clarke’s face, she even chuckled. “The Valley of Time, Clarke. Do not worry, I will explain everything to you, unless you are feeling tired for which we can provide you somewhere to sleep.” She said but the girl shook her head firmly and continuously.

There was not a tired bone in her body at this very moment, what she need wasn’t to sleep, what she needed were answers and she would get them now. “Thanks but no thanks, I’m good. Now, what the hell is this place?” she said and Becca nodded. “Very well, I’ll start explaining where we are.” She snapped her fingers and the constricting walls disappeared yet the videos remained playing only now, the space got much bigger and wider, resembling a hall.

“The Valley of Time is exactly what the name suggests it is. This is the place where we can see the past we have lived or could have lived as well as our present and future, given the different directions our lives could have taken, based on each decisive moment we went through and the choices when faced with it.” She said as they started walking while she explained. Clarke nodded following her still not sure she understood what was going on.

“The Valley is the place where time as you know, doesn’t exist. Here we are neither in the past, the present of the future, time here doesn’t pass but in where we can see everything. Look.” Becca said pointing to a video where it shows Clarke and Roan when she was his prisoner on their way back to Polis. “That is a memory of a future that can or cannot be a possibility because you could have chosen to stay in Arkadia after the Mountain, so that would never have happened. Can you understand what I am saying?” Becca asked and Clarke nodded. “A little, I guess. So what you are saying is that there are multiple ME’s in different times living the same life over and over again?” she asked as she tried to wrap her head around this information.

“Not exactly. There are not multiple you’s living the same life but rather, there is one you that can live a different life based on different outcomes. There can be a Clarke that never heard her father’s secret, therefore was never in the Skybox and wasn’t sent to Earth and never experienced everything this you experienced but that Clarke would still be you. Can you understand better now?” Becca explained and Clarke nodded. “So this is a place where you can see all of the outcomes of any choice I make? Like if I hadn’t heard my Dad and tried to help him, what my life would have been like then?” She asked and Becca smiled.
“Yes, that is right.” Becca said and Clarke nodded before she looked confused again. “Why am I here then? Is this place where everyone that dies goes to? Or am I just passing through?” She asked not sure if she wanted to know the answer. “So you acknowledge that you are dead?” the older but still very beautiful woman asked and the blonde nodded. “Yes, I know I died. The death wave, I couldn’t escape it. So?” she said and urged Becca to return to the point in question since she wasn’t trying to dwell too much on her own demise to miss what was important. Finding out why she was here.

“I will get to that now. You see, Clarke, in general, the ones who control this place which I call the Powers That Be…” Becca said before Clarke interrupted. “The Powers That Be?” She asked and Becca smiled. “It’s a reference to one of my favorite shows rom the late 90’s, you know what? Don’t mind me.” She said before continuing. “Anyway, The Powers usually don’t interfere with the choices and the outcomes, after all, we are humans and we do have free-will but every once in a while, the outcome of an event or a choice becomes so dire for everyone that they feel the need to interfere and change it.” She explained.

“The outcome of your current life had suffered an enormous and unwanted change from the desirable timeline the Powers That Be had expected it to follow and because of that, because they want their plans for that particular life restored, you will be given a second chance to change the outcome of it all.” Becca explained but Clarke was still feeling confused. “Why me?” she asked and Becca smiled. “Because you are an essential part of the equation that will guarantee a better future for everyone.” She said and Clarke was more confused than before.
“You see, Clarke. You and Lexa, together and only together, can bring peace and prosperity to the people. Her death is what set in motion a lot of the unfortunate events that followed, exactly because of her importance along with yours to shape the world as we know.” Becca explained. “Wait, so you are saying that the fate of the world was in our hands? Mine and Lexa’s?” she asked and Becca nodded. “Have you ever wondered why you were always so fascinated with Earth? Why you always felt a sense of peace when you looked at it from the window on the Ark? It’s because your soul was recognizing where her soul was.” Becca said and Clarke stopped walking and so did she.

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