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A/N Hi guys This is My Very first FanFic So please give me feedback and your opinion on this story. Please forgive me if the plot feels a little rushed. Anyway enough of me babbling, hope you enjoy.

You finally arrive and your new house. It's been a long time since you've been to japan and thanks to some language classes you were able to get past the Language barrier. You and your mother decided to try and make a fresh start in a whole new country. The plane ride from the U.S lasted what felt like forever, even though you slept through most of the plane ride.

Mom: "(Y/n) Wake up your going to be late for school"

You wake remember that it was your first day at your new school. Ryoo Highschool, It was supposed to be Pretty hard to get into but you had completely aced the entrance exam. You had a bit of a train ride ahead of you so you better get up now or your junior year is going to take a rough start. To wake yourself up you splash ice cold water from the sink that hits you and really wakes you up. Your (h/c) becomes a little wet at your hairline.

(Y/n): "Well i better get the uniform on and then head downstairs to eat"

You Finish combing your (h/l) (h/c) before heading down in your new uniform to enter the kitchen.

Mom: "Morning (Y/n) I made bacon and eggs to start both of our days off right."

Y/n: "Thanks mom it looks delicious."

Mom: "(Y/n) I'm going to go out around town and see if I can't find myself a job, I might be home late so make sure that if your going to be home late call me and let me know ok?"

Y/n: "Gotcha, i'll see you later Mom"

Mom: "Bye son"


You Arrive at the school gate thinking that you better find your teacher since you're here early.

Y/n: "I'm glad i choose to get here early so that way i can find my new teacher"

You wander around the school looking for a teacher with long blond hair, you are wandering around long before you find her.

Y/n: Excuse me, Sorry to bother you but are you Ms. Kuroi

???: "hmm... Why who's asking."

Y/n: "I'm the new transfer student from the U.S."

Ms. Kuroi: "Oh, Yes i am Ms. Kuroi, Nice to meet you, Class will start in about 5 Minutes so just wait here for a little while okay."

Y/n: "Yes ma'am, thank you."

You stick around and in about 5 minutes time your hear the school bell ring and everyone is seated and your standing at the front of the class. All of a sudden Ms. Kuroi speaks up.

Ms.Kuroi: "Ok class today we have a new transfer student who comes all the way from the U.S, his name (y/n) so treat him well and make sure he feels comfortable because if i hear a single complaint from him you'll hear about it from me. Now back on track track why don't you take the seat all the way back there."

You look to where Ms. Kuroi was pointing and see that it's a window seat. You walk over and sit down next to you you see that there is a girl sitting next to you with long, blue hair. She seems like she's half asleep.

Ms. Kuroi: "Alright everyone open up your history textbooks and turn to the first page."

You notice the girl takes out her history book but it's hiding what she's really looking at behind that. It was a manga of ( Your fav anime). She notices you looking at the manga and asks you

???: "Hey do you like this stuff?"

Completely oblivious to the fact that she's still in the middle of class. Then what seems to be out of nowhere is a flying book that hits her right in the head.

Ms. Kuroi: "Konato pay attention"


The lunch bell rings and you get out ( Fav Food ). You feel a tug on your arm sleeve and when you turn to see who it is the blue haired girl who you believe was called Konata.

Konota: "Hey so you wanna come and sit with me and my friends"

Before you can even answer she starts pulling you towards what you assumed to be her friends, There stood three girls, one with long pink hair,glasses, and was surprisingly cute, The other two you guessed were siblings due to their many similarities, one had short purple hair with a bow in it, the other had long purple hair made into two ponytails.

???: " Konata, what in the world are you doing with that boy, and what are you dragging him around like a pet dog."

Konota: "Kagami, you'll never believe this but this guy here is an otaku just like myself."

???: " So it seems that konata found someone who shares a similar interest with her."

???: " So it seems that way but he seems different somehow"

Konata: "Hey, this is a new transfer student from the U.S., isn't that cool Miyuki.

Miyuki: "so it seems that way, that would explain the difference that I noticed in him.

Konata: "Kagami,Tsukasa get this, he's going to be here the rest of his highschool years. Which means he's going to be graduating with us. Isn't that great."

Tsukasa: " Wait he's from the U.S., that's so far away from here."

Kagami: "Still, He hasn't even had a chance to talk yet so we don't know if he understands us all that well yet, Hey can you speak japanese."

Y/n: " Wait hold on, you speak english?"

Kagami: "Duh, but the question is do you speak japanese."

Y/n: " Yeah I speak japanese."

So from what you gathered the one who can speak English fluently is named Kagami, the one with long pink hair is named Miyuki, and the one with short purple hair is named Tsukasa. 

We all exchanged names and some facts about each other over lunch and before i knew it the day was over. When i got home i got me something to eat and started doing my homework. Many thoughts lingered around my mind though, I had a strange feeling that something bad was going to happen soon.

A/n Sorry for it being so long but i wanted to cover a certain amount of stuff before i actually went out and started preparing the actual story, that and i got sucked into typing the story. Don't worry i have the story planned out for this but i'm in the process of moving and it's just getting really hectic around here so i probably wont update for a while.Please give me feedback  and let me know what you guys think.

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