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Bonus #2 || Whiskey Kisses

*start the song!! (set in between the raid and sweet pea's release)*

Fallon was upset.

Mayor McCoy's raid wasn't just unfair, it was completely inconsiderate to the kids at South Side High who hadn't done anything wrong but come to school.

Not only that, but since Sweet Pea was locked up, she was alone and sad, her separation anxiety off the charts. He was her teddy bear, her security blanket, without him, life just wasn't worth living.

She sat on the couch in her and Fangs' trailer, in nothing but an oversized hoodie and shorts, a bottle of jack in her hand. Her eyes had unshed tears in them, the hurt for her friends and lover already eating her up.

The loneliness combined with the alcohol was enough to send thoughts she'd repressed for so long to the surface, to make her dial a certain blonde girl's number.


"Blondie? Can...can you come over?"

"Do you even have to ask at this point?"

Fifteen minutes later, Betty Cooper was at her door, the normally put together girl in an old t-shirt and pajama shorts, flip flops on her feet and her hair loose around her shoulders.

"You okay, Fallon? You've been staring at me for a solid minute." Betty asked, and Fallon swallowed. "Don't take this the wrong way, Blondie, look really beautiful like this." Fallon stuttered, and to her surprise, Betty blushed.

"Wait, hold on, I'm just in pajamas, and-and I don't have any makeup on..." Betty stammered. "I'm not beautiful right now." Fallon huffed, her laughter low and soft.

"You're always beautiful to me, Betty Cooper."

For a moment there was silence, and without warning Betty took Fallon's face in her hands and crushed her lips to hers, taking the Serpent by complete surprise, the two girls stumbling into the Fogarty living room.

Fallon couldn't tell if it was the whiskey or the small crush she'd had on Betty ever since she'd met the Northside girl, but right now, she was the cure to Fallon's bitter loneliness and crushing guilt (which she'd undoubtedly be feeling more of later).

Her hands moved to Betty's hips as her lips moved against Fallon's, the two of them falling onto the couch.

"Wait," Fallon gasped, pulling back. "What—"

Betty looked at her almost pleadingly, her blue eyes big and round. "Fallon, I am most definitely in love with Jughead and I've never seen any two people as in love with each other as you and Sweet Pea, but...but..."

"But what, Betty?"

"But can't we just...just for one night...admit that both of us feel something that's a little bit more than a platonic friendship between us? Can't we just have one night where it feels like it's just you and me?"

A heavy silence hung in the air, and Fallon let out a long breath through her nose. "Okay. Yeah. Yeah, we can. But only once. And even though I know we'll never do this again, at least for a can be mine." She sighed, and let Betty's lips fall onto hers again, the softness of her lips soothing Fallon's heart and mixing up her head.

Fallon had kissed plenty of girls before, but no one had ever tasted as good to her as Betty did that night, just like no man had or ever would be as good as Sweet Pea.

They kissed languidly for hours in Fallon's bedroom, pausing only to whisper bits of conversation to each other in between touches.

Betty and Fallon fell asleep together, the North Side princess asleep on the South Side queen's chest, their limbs tangled together as Fallon's hand stroked Betty's hair. Fallon slept like a baby, as did Betty.

The next morning, they sat quietly at the kitchen table, no words left to say as they drank cups of hot coffee, Betty in one of Fallon's hoodies and her pajamas and Fallon in nothing but a t-shirt and cotton shorts.

"Well," Betty said as she stood, "I should probably go."

"Do you want a ride home, Princess?" Fallon asked quietly, and Betty deliberated for a moment before sighing. "Could you?"

They rode across the tracks, the early morning mists swirling around them as they passed sleepy houses and closed businesses.

"Here you are." Fallon said as she pulled up in front of Betty's house. "Thanks for the ride and the hoodie." Betty said, and Fallon smiled, swinging a leg over her bike to stand. "Keep it. Looks nice on you."

Just as Fallon was about to leave, Betty grabbed her arm.


Fallon turned back.


"Can you... please could you hold me for just one more minute...?"

Fallon gathered Betty wordlessly into her arms, one arm around her back and her other hand cradling the back of Betty's head. "What's eating you, Blondie?" She asked quietly.

"I'll just miss this's all. But we promised..."

"We'd never do it again." Fallon finished, and Betty sighed. "And we won't. But I just want you to know that I'll always love you, platonic or not, Fallon Fogarty."

Fallon tilted her head down, letting Betty press her lips to the Serpent girl's once more, and she couldn't help but feel like a part of both of them that had just met was now saying goodbye.

Fallon cradled Betty's face gently as Betty held onto the sides of Fallon's jacket, the kiss soft and bittersweet. "I'll always love you too, Betty Cooper."

With one last long glance, the Serpent and the Princess parted ways in more ways than one, the mist and the light washing over Fallon as she drove home to her trailer; and as the sun warmed Fallon's face, she smiled.

Betty Cooper was an Angel craving chaos, Fallon Fogarty was a Demon seeking peace. They found it in each other, and thank god, one dose was enough.

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