Chapter 5: The Man in Black

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I went into full on defense mode, Ecco's teachings combined with living with two criminals had taught me quite a lot on how to act in these situations. I elbowed the man in the stomach, taking the hand he used to grab me and twisting it behind his back before I kneed him in the face. He fell to the floor unconscious as the group of men began to advance on me. I punched the man on my right, he managed to get a swing in on me but I quickly recovered and kneed him hard in the crotch. Someone then wrapped their arms around my torso, lifting me off the ground and I head butted him from behind. He dropped me, and I quickly regained my balance as they surrounded me. While I had successfully knocked three to the ground, our altercations had drawn attention to us, resulting in more men interested in joining in. I was grabbed by the hair, my head violently thrown back as all the men around me seemed to get a hold of me. I fought with all my might but there were just too many of them, and they successfully pinned me to the ground. The first man who had come after me rose from the ground and wipped the blood coming out of his nose, glaring at me as he kneeled down in front of me. "Part her legs boys..." He ordered. While I was thankful to be in jeans rather than a dress, that didn't help my situation much as my legs were pried apart. Jeremiah's glasses had been knocked off in our struggle and I was glad that I didn't actually need them to see. But at this point, I wasn't sure I wanted to as the man removed his jacket. "You deserve this you dirty bi-" His words were cut short by the sound of a bullet ripping through the commotion. We all were frozen in shock until I realized what had just happened. Someone had shot my offender right between the eyes. The gross man looked at me briefly, blood pooling from the hole in his head before falling back onto the hard pavement, lifeless. Shot after shot was then fired into the crowd surrounding me, and men began falling as the rest tried to scramble away. I was released but I remained on the ground until the shooting stopped. Once I felt it was safe enough, I grabbed my husband's glasses and shakily got up, dusting myself off before I turned to the source of the shots. It was the same man who had been at my graduation, wearing the same black coat and hat. He was standing under a street light, across the street. "Thank you..." I voiced, staring at him in amazement, unsure why he was concerned with me. The man nodded in response. My curiosity grew as I took a step closer. "Have you been following me? Who are you?..." I asked the strange man but with the same tip of his hat as before, he began to walk away. "Wait, come back!" I called out to him, making sure the road was safe before crossing the street. Like before, he disappeared as soon as I reached the other side. My eyes scanned my surroundings, searching for any sign of my rescuer. I then saw a large dark figure from the corner of my eyes, and I turned to the man. "Are you alright?" He asked, and by his mask and outfit I knew exactly who I was talking to. "Yes Batman, I'm fine." I told him, slightly starstruck. "You should go home, it isn't safe to be out this late." He ordered before he ran in the same direction of the man who had helped me. "What are you doing? The guys you're looking for went the other way!" I cried out to him but he was already out of my sight. Peculiar. With a sigh, I went back to where my motorcycle was and picked up my groceries from the ground. It didn't bother me that the men who had just been murdered were laying next to where I was gathering my things, as I felt no pity for those who deserved to die. I then hopped onto my motorcycle, and went back home. Ivy and Selena attacked me with questions as soon as I got inside. "Where have you been?" Ivy exasperated and Selena crossed her arms, looking me up and down. "You look like shit, what happened?" She asked me as I set down the groceries on the table. "Sorry to keep you girls waiting... I was attacked while walking back to my motorcycle." I told them and they both looked horrified. "Oh my God! How did you escape?" Ivy questioned and I tried not to feel hurt that she didn't believe that I could have done it on my own. "Someone saved me..." I informed them, a small smile playing on my lips. Selena gasped. "Was it Batman?" She asked eagerly and I shook my head. "He was there, but he didn't save me..." I said and Ivy looked at me quizzically. "Who then?" She prompted. "It was the man I told you guys about from my graduation." I told them and Ivy wiggled her eyebrows. "Oooo, you've got a secret admirer Harls..." She smirked and I couldn't help but chuckle. "If he admires me then I don't understand why he always runs away when I try and talk to him." I said. "Maybe he's shy?" Ivy suggested with a shrug. "I think he's just plain creepy..." Selena voiced and we all giggled. "Well whatever he is, he saved me tonight. I just wish I knew who he was..." I said thoughtfully. Ivy then started preparing dinner with the ingredients that I brought, and Selena and I helped her. I was chopping the vegetables while Ivy ordered Selena to turn on the TV so we could have something to watch while we work. The default channel was the news and the same redhead as before appeared on the screen. "THIS JUST IN! "The Joker" has been captured by Batman! He was found disguised in a dark trench coat and top hat, which he used to walk the streets of Gotham unnoticed. He has not given up the location of the money, but he is being interrogated by police as we speak. In addition, "The Joker" will go through a psychological evaluated before he is placed in jail. Once again, we are indebted to our city's hero Batman, as he has put another criminal behind bars." The reporter finished and we all looked at each other completely taken aback. We stood there in complete silence until Selena finally spoke up. "Holy shit, Harleen..." She said breathlessly, as the reality of what we had just witnessed sank in. My head was spinning, none of it seemed real. He was my secret admirer... The Joker had saved me.


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