day two, two am.

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of course she had been watching me. i had figured that girl meant trouble from the second i had seen her behind the counter, beaming at me like i was anywhere near someone who deserved that kind of smile. i just didn't know that she'd mean this much trouble.

my eyes widened slightly as i saw her looking at me. i bit my bottom lip, freezing for a second as i pondered on what to do. many options ran through my head, each more evil than the last.

i had already killed two people, planned on killing five more, what would adding her name to the list mean except a little bit more of a mess to clean up?

she looked almost too innocent, her eyes softer as she realized she had been caught. i sighed, running my hand through my hair in frustration.

what should i do with you, miyeon?

deciding on simply throwing my jacket on top of the remaining stain and closing the door to my car, i took large steps towards her almost too fragile looking body.

i could see it in her eyes, her fight or flight instinct kicking in. she knew she had to choose quickly, before i chose for her.

and yet, her body remained frozen, rendering her at my mercy.

i didn't say much, nor did i need to. she knew she had seen too much, things she should have never even dreamed of.

and when i wrapped my hand around her wrist, pulling her along, she didn't object. as if she had already accepted her fate, as if she wasn't even willing to fight back.

who in the world had this little to live for?

i frowned, hating the thoughts running through my head. i wasn't a killer, or yet, i wasn't an innocent people killer. in my point of view, what i was doing would only help the world. rid it of people who didn't deserve to walk on it in the first place.

and yet, here i was contemplating killing someone like her. i knew nothing about her, besides her name and that she looked good in red, and yet the guilt was already overwhelming me. there'd be people crying for her. there'd be people missing her. just like i missed them.

we reached the woods in no time. all the while, she didn't speak, her heavy breathing the only thing that was heard as well as our footsteps. it was incredibly gut wrenching.

"i know you have to do this," she finally spoke up, halting her footsteps. "but i want to know why."

i looked over my shoulder so i could finally look at her. "what?"

"i mean, why you're doing what you're doing. i'm not dumb, i can see you're doing terrible things," she sighed, shaky hands resting at her hips. "i know you're thinking of doing the same thing to me."

my eyes softened. did i owe her an explanation? surely people didn't often explain to their victims why they were killing them. surely killers wouldn't reveal their plans to others. surely i couldn't trust someone i had met just a day ago.

and yet the slight glint in her eyes as they scanned my face, almost as if trying to understand all the reasons why i was this broken, almost made me want to trust her.

"maybe i'm just fucked up," i shrugged, trying to brush it off. the gun in my back pocket felt heavier.

"i don't believe that," she replied, shaking her head. as if she knew anything about me, to believe anything at all. "situations and life turn people fucked up. they aren't born with it."

i sighed, running my fingers through my hair. the more she talked, the more nervous i got. the more she talked, the more i was reminded that she too was human and that i had no good reason to kill her except to cover for my own ass.

"you don't know the first thing about me," i muttered, head hanging low as i crossed my arms over my chest.

"no? maybe we're more alike than you think," she said, and i heard some shuffling before she was standing right in front of me. "and maybe you could make me understand."

i slowly lifted my head, eyes boring into her own. "you're not scared of what you just saw?"

"do i have any reason to be?" she asked, a frown filling her plump lips. i had never noticed just how beautiful she really was.

"of course," i replied, eyes averting from her gaze. "and now i think you know too much."

"maybe," she took another step, and before i could figure out what she was doing, she had already reached behind me, slipping the gun from my back pocket.

and she was aiming it at me.

"or maybe you know too little," she spoke, pressing the gun to my temple.


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