Night of the Purge

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Night of the Purge

by joerover2 

I sat up coughing. I was never going to get use to inter-realm travel. Where was I now? I checked my clothes to see if I got some kind of clue. There wasn't much there--I wore some kind of robe. The room I was in was kind of sparse. I did find a mirror. My reflection looked similar to how I normally look, but the reflection's hair was a slightly darker blond than mine and it was shorter. I also had a scar near my left eye.

Suddenly, the lights flashed red and alarms sounded. I jumped back as a hologram appeared in the middle of the room.

"Jedi Pilot March Windwrecker!" said the alien creature. "The temple is under attack. The clone army has betrayed us as has Anakin Skywalker. You are to get as many of the children out of the temple as possible." The hologram disappeared.

Wait a minute...Jedi? I started to fanboy-laugh. I quickly checked my belt. Yup, that was a lightsaber. "Coool..." I geeked out. I then slapped my face. "Rescue kids, then play with the lightsaber."


I rushed into the halls. Explosions rocked the place. Bits of building began to rain down on us.

"March!" someone shouted. I turned to some kind of Jedi Knight waving at me. "This way!" I ran to the person. They stood by a small gap in the wall. The Knight stepped aside and inside the tiny opening I could see about ten to fifteen young children. "This tunnel will take you to the hangar."

A bolt of blaster fire struck the wall near us. We turned. A squad of Clone Troopers were coming our way.

The Knight activated his lightsaber. "Go, Windwrecker, I will cover you!" The Knight charged towards the Troopers, deflecting the blasts. He stopped long enough to use the Force to knock back some of the Troopers.

I squeezed into the hole. "Let's go, kids."


We soon arrived at the hangar. I pushed the button to bring down the ramp. Just before the kids could enter a shot hit the ramp. I turned to see Skywalker coming towards us with two Troopers. Suddenly, another Knight dropped in from nowhere and fought Skywalker. I quickly herded the children aboard and got the ship airborne.

I breathed a sigh of relief as the temple and the battle faded behind us.


Something hit us. The ship jerked as the children screamed. An image of Anakin appeared on the hailing screen. "I have you now," he said.

"Oh yeah." I set the ship into a downward spiral followed by a quick side roll that allowed us to fit between some buildings.

"Most impressive," said Anakin. "But not good enough."

Another blast struck the ship. We were going down. Everything spun. The children wailed in fear. Darkness followed.


I then found myself in the ocean near a deserted island.


I woke up in a sweat. The carpet had brought me to my next destination.  

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