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(Psshh I definitely didn't cry for a rrly dumb reson when I saw that picture of Jungkook because that would be hella stupid it would cry over a teary eyed Jungkook Psshh nit author nim)

Jungkooks pov

Yoongi hyung  talked Jin hyung into letting me go with him.

Which made me extremely happy I could finally help and not be a burden.

"Okay Kookie I mean this when I say it, Stay. By. My. Side. At all times okay?" Yoongi hyung said and he placed his hands on my waist and looked up at me looking serous.

"Mmkay shorty." I said

"Hey! Don't think just because im short I can't do anything." He said as I giggled causing him to break the tough act and gave me a gummy smile.

"Okay let's go dork." He said grabbing my hand and intertwining our fingers.

We walked for a little while, as we took all back roads because we technically weren't allowed out by ourselves so we had to stay away from the public and away from our company.

We were almost there, our walk so far full of smalltalk and laughs.

"Baby lift up your mask someone might see you." Yoongi hyung said and I whined in annoyance.

"But its hot hyunggg-"

"Oh my gosh is that Jungkook and suga from bts?!" I heard a voice that sounded like a young girl say... well more scream.

I felt Yoongi hyung quickly let go of my hand. As I see the two girls run up to us.

"Oh my gosh hi guysss I love you so so so much! Omg! Is jungkook okay? I saw he was in the hospital.... Are you okay?" The overly excited fangirl said.

"Hey look kid I'm really glad you support us but first off please lower your voice we don't want attention right now and second can you please not tell anyone about this or post anything about this we weren't supposed to be out right now." Yoongi hyung said smiling.

" oh yes of course I'm sorry but can you please take a picture with us we really love you!!"' the other girl says handing her phone to me which me and yoongi pose for.

"Thank youuuuuu...bye love you!" The girls say running off.

Yoongi keeps the smile on till he see them turn the corner then he gives me bitch face, "Told you. Now put that mask on." I roll my eyes about to say something till I see one of the girls dropped her phone.

"Yoongi hyung! Look she dropped her phone, we need to return it!!" I say as I frantically walk over and grab it and smile at the bts sticker on it.

"Shit, uhh okay I'll be right back I think they're at that coffee shop right there I can still hear them squealing stay back here and if anyone comes just call me or hide ...okay?" He said as I nod and he runs off.

I decided to sit down because I have been getting tired very easily since all that happened.

I play with my fingers until I hear steps making me smile because I think Yoongi hyung is back.

"Well that was quick hy-" my smile flattened and my heart drops when I see who's standing there with a devilish smirk on his face.


"Hey baby boy." He said as he took a quick step forward and my eyes started to water as I quickly brought out my phone but dropped it because of how much I was shaking.

"Y-yoonie hyung?" I said as I meant to yell it but all I could manage was a small voice.

He stomped on my phone smashing it as he quickly walked up to be pushing me against the wall of the ally.

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