The song ended with a lot of rowdy applause and Chiron trotted towards the front. He brandished a spear impaled with toasted marshmallows, "Very nice! And a special welcome to our new arrivals. I am Chiron, camp activities director, and I'm happy you have all arrived here alive and with most of your limbs attached. In a moment, I promise we'll get to the s'mores, but first—"

"What about capture the flag?" Mark yelled and more grumbling broke out among the members of the Ares cabin.

"Yes," the centaur replied, "I know the Ares cabin is anxious to return to the woods for our regular games."

"And kill people!" Sherman shouted,

"However," Chiron continued, "until the dragon is brought under control, that won't be possible. Cabin Nine, anything to report on that?"

Everyone turned to the campers under the steel gray banner emblazoned with a hammer. Nyssa stood uncomfortably and cleared her throat,  "We're working on it." She stated and there was more grumbling,

"How, Nyssa?" Ellis demanded.

"Really hard," The brunette responded. Nyssa sat down to a lot of yelling and complaining, which caused the fire to sputter chaotically. Chiron stamped his hoof against the fire pit stones and the campers fell silent.

"We will have to be patient," Chiron said. "In the meantime, we have more pressing matters to discuss."

"Percy?" someone asked. The fire dimmed even further and Kyra gulped nervously, fiddling with the lens on her camera. Chiron gestured to Annabeth. She took a deep breath and stood. "I didn't find Percy," she announced. Her voice caught a little when she said his name. "He wasn't at the Grand Canyon like I thought. But we're not giving up. We've got teams everywhere. Grover, Tyson, Nico, the Hunters of Artemis —everyone's out looking. We will find him. Chiron's talking about something different. A new quest."

"It's the Great Prophecy, isn't it?" a girl called out.

Everyone turned. The voice had come from a group in back, sitting under a rose-colored banner with a dove emblem, symbolizing Aphrodite. They'd been chatting among themselves and not paying much attention until their leader stood up: Drew.

Everyone else looked surprised. Drew didn't address the crowd very often, mostly busy checking her reflection to even listen in on what was going on.

"Drew?" Annabeth said. "What do you mean?"

"Well, come on." Drew spread her hands like the truth was obvious. "Olympus is closed. Percy's disappeared. Hera sends you a vision and you come back with three new demigods in one day. I mean, something weird is going on. The Great Prophecy has started, right?" 

Everyone turned towards Rachel Dare, "Well?" Drew called down. "You're the oracle. Has it started or not?"

The redheaded mortal stepped forward calmly and addressed the camp, "Yes," she said. "The Great Prophecy has begun."

Pandemonium broke out. When the talking finally subsided, Rachel took another step toward the audience, and fifty-plus demigods leaned away from her and Kyra rolled her eyes, as if one skinny redheaded mortal was more intimidating than all of them put together.

"For those of you who have not heard it," Rachel said, "the Great Prophecy was my first prediction. It arrived in August. It goes like this; Eight half-bloods shall answer the call. To storm or fire the world must fall—"

Jason, who was sitting in the front row next to Annabeth, shot to his feet. His eyes looked wild, like he'd just been tasered. Even Rachel seemed caught off guard. "J-Jason?" she said. "What's—"

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