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AS KYRA LED Jason to the Big House, she would occasionally stop and take a photo of another camper doing an activity, "Sorry

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AS KYRA LED Jason to the Big House, she would occasionally stop and take a photo of another camper doing an activity, "Sorry." She smiled sheepishly, "Sometimes I just have to when I see a perfect moment. I think it's because of my ADHD."

"It's fine." Jason stuffed his hands in the pocket of his jeans, "So, who's your Godly parent?"

Kyra gave him a nervous smile, "I don't know. I haven't been here long, and Olympus shut down right before. The Gods haven't contacted anyone or claimed anyone. Well... until now."

Jason winced, "Sorry."

"Aw, it's fine." She smiled, waving her hand around. She was nervous around the new guy. Maybe because he was kinda cute, or because he has this powerful aura coming from him, "I'm okay with it. I know I'll be claimed soon. I'm just lucky to be here." The turned the corner and Kyra gestured to the baby blue house, "The Big House, camp headquarters."

Kyra turned to look at Jason and his posture was stiff, "I am not supposed to be here," He stated.

The blonde looked up at him with a small smile, "Of course you are, Jason. We're all meant to be here."

The sound of hooves clamped on the wood of the porch and the two blondes turned to look at the person approaching. Kyra smiled, "Chiron! This is Jason. He just arrived a few moments ago with two other new campers."

Jason backed up so fast he almost tripped at the sight of Chiron. From the waist up he was human, with curly brown hair and a well-trimmed beard. He wore a T-shirt that said 'World's Best Centaur', and had a quiver and bow strapped to his back. His head was so high up he had to duck to avoid the porch lights, because, from the waist down, he was a white stallion.

Kyra had almost the same reaction when she first met the centaur. It can be a bit... overwhelming.

Chiron started to smile at Jason. Then the color drained from his face, "You ..." The centaur's eyes flared like a cornered animal's. "You should be dead."

Chiron ordered Jason—well, invited, but it sounded like an order—to come inside the house. He told Kyra to go join in on camp activities. She gave Jason a nervous smile and a wave before leaving.

She spent the rest of the day wandering the campgrounds, taking photos of campers or satyrs dancing with tree nymphs.

The blonde even took a small break of her photo-op to play volleyball with the Apollo and Demeter members. When the sun went down, the camp had dinner before heading towards the amphitheater for the campfire.

The Apollo campers began the sing-along with Austin Lake playing the guitar. Kyra raised her camera and took photos of the happier campers, not campers from the Ares cabin, who were grumbling in their group about how annoying the singing was.

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