Chapter One: New Girl in Town

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Standing on the edge of Purgatory, the woman with a sharp chin and nose and crystal blue eyes couldn't remember the last time the town looked like this. The buildings stood still, and there was nothing currently on the fire. Sure, there were cracks in the pavement and blood oozed into the drain from somewhere, and broken glass bottles littered the streets. Yet, people didn't run for their lives and scream in fear. Revenants didn't terrorize anyone with red glowing eyes and strong and fast abilities. It looked oddly normal, like she used to watch on television, which was before the world went dark. She remembered growing up in front of the TV before someone turned it off and said her brain was going to melt. It never did, which was only one thing. She gave everything a judgmental look anyway, but that might've been her natural face.

Limping into the town, Aly kept her hands down at her sides, waiting for any moment of danger. The calmness was eerie, and her hand ran across her gun with care. She tried to remember the last time she was safe and it was calm, but that was when she was a child. Back then, she didn't notice when things were wrong.

The air tasted clean on her tongue, and she sucked it in. Her hands continued to hover over her thighs, where two guns were strapped. Those weren't the only weapons on her body, but she liked to think the other weapons were a fun surprise. None one even looked at her as she walked into the city, and it had been such a long time since she hadn't stood in the light. It was almost nice in the shadows.

With her brown hair pulled back-- almost a red tint to it-- she followed along the street that she knew far too well. The windows weren't broken in, and it did look as if Hell had come to Purgatory.

Standing outside of Shorty's, Aly was hesitant for a second, eyes wandering across the street, as if a revenant lurked in the shadows. The human laughter and cheerfulness almost made her sick to her stomach. Throwing back her head and shoulders held high, the woman walked into the bar, where people drank merrily and no paid any attention to her. 

Behind the bar stood a man with shoulder-length brown hair and blue eyes. He served people large glasses of beer. He smiled at a woman across from the bar, who wore her brown hair with a red tint in long waves. She drank whiskey straight from the bottle. For a moment, the woman stared at these two people that she was supposed to call family.

Limping down the stairs, the woman was going to make her move, and then two more woman appeared, coming to either side of the whiskey-drinker who stashed Peacemaker in her boot. The man and woman laughed, enjoying their good own time without a care in the world. The man's eyes flashed over to Aly but didn't give a second look. Aly hesitated again and then hated herself for it. She didn't want to get her hopes up and she certainly didn't want to get attached, but here she stood, frozen at what could possibly come next. Perhaps Aly had gotten her hopes up too high because now she was disappointed. Gripping her Peacemaker, Aly limped from the bar and onto the streets of Purgatory again. Aly would have to try again tomorrow.  

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