No Way Out...Part 12

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*Rose's POV*

"Grandad is here?" Trina asked. "Yes, but he wants to move on to the After Life but he can't" Kayla said. "Why can't he?" Aaron asked. "I don't know" Kayla sobbed. Nick wrapped his arm around her. Her facial expressions changed a little bit as Nick had his arm wrapped around Kayla. Kayla was blushing. Wait a minute, why is Kayla blushing?. Does she have feelings for Nick?. "Will one of us go in there and lye on the bed?" Kennedi asked. Billy gripped on to her arm. "I'll do it" I volunteered and walked into the room without thinking about anything else. I lye on the bed. "Alright, you want to get someone, you have me, so come on, come and get me" I said looking straight up at the ceiling. Everyone was looking in to make sure I was ok. I felt something change in me. I felt like I was going into another world. Everything went black.

*Kayla's POV*

"Rose, are you ok?" I asked. She didn't answer. she was lying there like she was lying in a coffin. Eyes closed and arms down each side of her. "Rose" Trina said. Trina, Josie, Kennedi, Megan, Ashley and I walked into the bedroom. "Rose" Josie said. Rose didn't wake up. "Oh god! She isn't dead is she?" Jay asked. Nick stepped into the room with Aaron as Billy and Jay stood at the door. "She's still breathing" Trina said checking her pulse. Josie was looking at something. "Guys, don't you think that doll looks very love like?" Josie asked pointing at a creepy looking doll sitting on top of the wardrobe. "It's a doll Josie" Ashley said. "To be honest, it kind of does look like a human" Megan said. The doll looked live like, which was scary. Jeez! If Zak wasn't possessed and this was a normal lockdown, it would definitely frighten the shit out of him!.

We heard 3 claps and giggles. We gasped and looked around. Silence everywhere. Josie was just staring at the doll. Megan walked over to me and we held on to each other. Rose's eyes shot opened open. She sat up slowly and looked up at the doll. Josie looked at Rose then back up at the doll. A clap of Thunder and Lightening and heavy ran fall was going on outside. The doll jumped off the wardrobe, nearly attacking Josie. All of us screamed and ran out of the room. "Hang on!" Nick called out to us. We thought the doll was going to come out of the room, but it didn't.

Every time there was silence, we knew something is going to happen. Was Zak going to come out of no where? Was the doll going to come after us?. Nick was right beside me. We heard giggles and footsteps. The giggles sounded like little children, but as we know, it could be something darker. A lighten struck outside. The giggles and footsteps were coming closer to us. The emerald in my hand was shining light green. What does this mean?.

I felt something grab my ankle. It pulled me to the ground and started dragging me down the hall. I started screaming bloody murder. Rose was being dragged down the hall as well. Trina started raising off the ground and Josie was being dragged by the hair by an unseen force down towards us. "Girls!" Aaron yelled and they started running down to us. We were dragged into the same room where the doll is. When Rose, Trina, Josie and I were in the room, Rose and I got up off the ground. We looked outside the door and saw Nick, Aaron, Billy, Jay, Kennedi, Megan and Ashley running towards the room. The door slammed shut and the door locked.

We started banging on the door and screaming "help!" to the crew outside. Nick, Aaron, Billy, Jay, Kennedi, Megan and Ashley were also calling out names and banging on the door to try and get us out. We heard a little giggle behind us. We turned around and saw the doll smiling at us. Rose, Trina and Josie held onto each other. I remembered I had the gun in my back pocket. I pulled it out and held it towards the doll. "Don't move!" I cried. Rose out her hand on my shoulder. "No no! Wait! I'm not going to hurt you!" The doll cried holding it's arms out and moving back three steps. "Don't come any closer" Trina warned. "I'm not evil! I swear!" The doll cried. "We don't believe you" Josie said. "Look, I'll prove it too you!" The doll said. It was thinking and thinking. "Ummm...when you guys were little kids, you first saw me as a Ghost!" The doll said moving it's hands around. A memory came back. "Wait a minute, we saw you when we were little kids?" Rose asked. The doll nodded. "Who are you? You better tell us who you are before I shoot you" I warned, gripping onto the gun. "Ok, ok! My name is Emily, you first saw me when you were playing along the hallway, I walked across the hall and you all saw me" the doll said pointing spreading it's arms.

The moment clicked. I slowly put the gun down. Emily put her arms down slowly as I put the gun down to my side. "Emily, it's really you" I said walking over and kneeling down to the height of the doll. She nodded yes. Rose, Trina and Josie walked over too. "How did you end up in that dolls body?" Trina asked. The dolls body looked like something out of the film The Conjuring. It's creepy but awesome at the same time. "It was Paul, after you moved away, all dolls were up in the attic and at the time, I was up there too, Paul could see us spirits everywhere, he did dark magic and my soul transformed into this doll's body" Emily said. No wonder all these demonic activity are happening.

"My other friends are here too, they've been waiting for you" Emily said. Waiting?. "Waiting for us?" Josie asked. "Yes, this is the night your grandad was talking about, the night that you'll become heroes" Emily said. "So, Grandad knew this day was going to happen?" I asked. "The moment your grandad was killed, and there was an emerald that belongs to him that was taking" Emily said. I took the emerald out of my pocket. "This is an emerald that dropped out of Zak's pocket" I said. Emily gasped. She looked at the emerald. "That's it! That's the emerald! This belongs to your grandad" Emily cheered. Rose, Trina, Josie and I looked at each other wide eye.

This emerald belongs to our grandad. "This emerald had all the demonic activity that was happening, your grandad took it away from Paul to destroy it, but the night that your grandad died, Paul stole the emerald back and now wants revenge on you girls" Emily said. I stood back up and looked at Rose, Trina and Josie. "Paul has to be locked down in Hell for good" I said. "But how are we going to get Paul out of Zak's body and get him back to Hell?" Trina asked. Emily said "whatever you do, never let Paul get that emerald, that emerald is way too powerful with Evil that he put into the emerald, or you'll be at mercy". Oh fantastic!. We had to know the consequences of this mission.

"Tell us what do we have to do during this mission" I said. "Well you know one, keep that emerald away from Paul" Emily said. "Got that, what's next?" Rose asked. "A song" Emily said. She walked towards the door. We looked confused. "A song?" Josie asked. "What do you mean a song?" Trina asked. "There is a song that someone use to sing here a long time ago, my friends and I love this song and Paul hates it, this song can get you closer to the next clue your going to get" Emily said. We looked at each other again. "We have one hour to find each clue and to destroy Paul and get Zak back to normal, we have to do this before the sunrise, if we don't you'll..." Emily said looking very worried. "We'll what?" I asked. "You'll be locked down in Hell, all four of you" Emily said. We went wide eye. Ok, this is getting more and more dangerous. What will happen to our family? What will happen to Nick, Aaron, Billy, Jay, Kennedi, Megan and Ashley? What will happen to Zak? Will Paul still take over Zak's body forever?. More and more questions. So this song will get us more closer to the clue. Time was passing, we have to hurry.

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