Part 2 - Chapter 10 - Salty Things

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"Are you sure you ordered the pizza?" Trent asked. He sat on the floor, his back against the sofa, legs under his coffee table and watching a boxing match on TV.

"Relax, T, maybe the delivery guy got stuck in traffic."

"Who did you call? The place I order from guarantees twenty-minute delivery."

"You must really be hungry to be so impatient." I glanced out the window toward the parking lot. Checked the clock on my cell phone display and started to worry. A car pulled up. The delivery person emerged, pizza box in-hand.

I smiled. "You know, T, the two of us have been through a lot together. Most of it bad. Our lives haven't been easy."

"You got that right," he mumbled.

"On very rare occasions, the sun, moon, and stars all align. You know what happens then?"

"Sing, are you drunk or something?"

"Magic," I said. "Awesome magic."

A knock at the door.

Trent eyed me. "What's up with you, all this talk of stars and magic?"

"Nothing is wrong, Trent." I opened the door. "Everything is right."

"Sorry I'm late," Hailee whispered.

I winked and motioned her in.

When Trent saw her, he cocked his head.

"This is my good friend, Trent," I said to Hailee. To Trent, I said, "I believe you know who this is."

She giggled. "Sing, you didn't tell me he was so cute."

Trent remained seated on the floor, completely motionless.

Hailee smiled sweetly for him. "I heard you turned twenty today. I brought you pizza and this." She lifted her other hand. A bottle of wine. "Yeah, I know we're still underage, but I don't sweat the details."

Trent looked at me. "I know I'm not dreaming. How is this even possible?"

I chuckled. "Magic."

Hailee set the pizza box and wine on the coffee table.

Trent stared at her in a trance. I felt such joy in that moment.

She heeled off her sneakers and sat on the floor next to him, slid her legs under the coffee table next to his, sidled close, but heeded my previous warning about his chiraptophobia and to not touch.

Trent gawked at me. "At least I think  I'm not dreaming."

"Hailee has a frantic schedule and rearranged her day to spend this time with you. But she can only stay thirty minutes." I tapped my wrist. "The clock is ticking, T. Enjoy your visit."

"Maybe I can spare forty-five minutes," she said. "Trent, is it true that you're my number one fan?"

"I've been in love with you my entire life," he mumbled.

She giggled and opened the pizza box. "I'm one of those weird people who actually likes anchovies on my pizza. Pineapple too. Hope you don't mind."

"Is it really you?" Trent asked, his eyes fixed on her face. "You aren't one of those impersonators from a Las Vegas stage show, are you?"

"I promise you I'm the genuine article." Then, in a sultry, sexy voice, Hailee asked, "Do you enjoy the taste of salty things?"

He nodded vigorously.

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