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I woke up today and thought I should go for a drive. I was driving by the beach and I park. I get off, The sun was already starting to set. I hop onto of my car hood and sit.

I thought for a while, I still see kids out here playing in the water.

I want to go in the water.

But I didn't bring any extra clothes. I face palm self. Next time I know. I look and watch the few people in the water. Its two teen girls, They look like they are having fun.

I then get a flashback.

I was in a room that was decorated for a party of some sort, there was music playing. People all around us. I was holding a piece of silky fabric in one of my hands while the other was intertwined with a girls. But I couldn't see the front of her face only her hair.

Then I blink and I'm back at the beach,

What was that?

I rub my eyes I'm probably tired. I look and the girls aren't in the water anymore.

I start my car and on the ride home think of the fabric and hands feeling so familiar to me. As if that had actually happened.

The music in the back seemed like a blue as the memory of fabric and hand replayed in my head.

But who was she?

Later that week

I walked into my 4th period class, I dump my books on my desk and slide in my seat.

I tuck a strand of hair behind my ear and pull my glasses out of my case and slide them on.

I look out the window. It was starting to get warmer and warmer. That summer heat was starting to take over and getting unbearable, and the worst part is none of my classes have a.c.

The bell rings and everyone's pretty much seated. I break my gaze from the window and look up towards the board.

My teacher calls me over.

Oh gosh, why me? Did I do something wrong?

I panic a little on the inside and walk over and smile.

"Yes Ms. Sanchez?" I look at her

She scribbling on a paper and folds it, handing it over to me.

"Aye, Selena do you think you can take this to the office for me. I need to leave early today and won't be able to."

I nod, " of course!" I grab the paper and push the door open.

I walk through the halls, and see a few students here and there. I turn the corner and suddenly hit a body.

My glasses and the paper fly off my face and out of my hand.

My glasses!

"I'm so sorry-"

"No no it was me I shouldn't have been running. Are you alright?"

I tried to see who this person was, their voice sounded so familiar but there face was a blur. Literally!

"I'm fine, I just can't see anything do you think you could hand me my glasses?" I give an awkward smile.

"Oh! Yeah, umm.."

I hear him grab my glasses and he places gem in my hands, I gladly grab them and slide them on my face.

I look back up and blink. Dumbfounded, I gulp in.

Oh my!
I stand up quickly, I pick the paper up. Looking down.

"Sorry again, I'll get going" I say and walk away. My face all red from embarrassment.

" wait, it was me-,"
I turn another corner and stand against the wall, holding my heart. Feeling how fast it was actually beating. I sigh, I can't believe of all the people in this school I bump into him.

I continued to walk to the office.

I should have said something different. Uh I'm so lame.

I drag the door open and walk inside.

As I was walking back to class I took my time and replayed the moment.

Did he really forget me completely? No maybe the new hair threw him off and- I have the same face. Uhhh

I forced myself to stop thinking and kept walking. Every minute more I thought about the situation I make my self a bit upset.
The whole class I looked out the window seeing that dark clouds had come suddenly,

When did those even roll in?

The bell rang and the day went on.

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