Hey, Roomie

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Seeing them together was torture. And believe me, I had felt torture before at the hands of so many demons over the years, I'd lost count. I knew my fair share of pain. But emotional pain? The agony of it? Worse than anything I could feel on my skin, in my body...

Just knowing he would never be mine was enough to destroy me, crack my heart in two - right down the middle. And no matter what...I had to learn to live with that pain, harden myself to my emotions again. When you grew up with your father being the King of Hell, you adapted to controlling your emotions - not letting them control you. And putting up walls had become second nature to me. But he was the first one to ever break them down - like it was nothing.

And in the end? It was nothing. Because it meant nothing to him. In his defense though...it's not as if he knew of my feelings. I'd been able to hide them for this long so that he never suspected a thing. In fact, not even those Winchester brothers and their Angel buddies had taken notice.

And they'd had plenty of opportunities with as many times as I'd helped them since dad... Well, long story short, I'd become pretty close to them - giving them Intel on different demons in the area, that sort of thing. My father's minions, of course, were appalled at my actions - befriending the Winchesters, giving up my father's throne for that of a hunter life. And well... a demon who was a hunter wasn't exactly high up on anyone's friend list, to say the least.

But the Winchesters did have an extensive history with strange friends over the years - demons, witches, vampires, werewolves. 95% of them got "ganked" as they called it but a few managed to slip through the cracks and were befriended by them. I guess that's how I found myself trudging up the steep dirt path that led to their Bunker. I'd come all the way to Kansas just to see them. After a bit of a falling-out with my father's former minions...okay, so they may have kind of kicked me out. That and having to see my crush every day there was torture. Either way, I had nowhere to go now.

The only ones I could think of that would even bother to help me would be the Winchesters. Besides...their Bunker was big enough for one more...right? But instead of knocking on the large metal door embedded in the side of the towering building, I flicked my wrist slightly and it squeaked open. I grinned to myself. Never doubt the power only a demon could wield. Striding inside with my bag slung over my shoulder, I bounded down the steps into their little lair and stalked over to the library where both brothers sat seated around the table. Both sets of eyes flicked over to me as soon as I stepped into the room, the neon streaks in my black hair glinting in the overhead lights. Or wait, maybe it was only my nose ring that glinted.

"Hey, roomies!" I greeted, grinning over at them.

They shared a confused look, Sam about to say something when a voice suddenly piped up in my ear, "Hi!"

I shrieked in surprise, taking a step back as I spun around only to come face-to-face with a very attractive...I quickly used my senses to denote what he was. Wait, what? A Nephilim?

"Aren't you not supposed to exist?" I asked in shock as I stared at the blue-eyed, sandy-haired boy standing before me.

He frowned in confusion, tilting his head to the side like a puppy, "In what way?"

I scoffed, crossing my arms over my Black Veil Brides tee, "What do you mean 'in what way'? Either you exist or you don't,"

He was about to reply to that when Dean cut him off as him and Sam walked up behind me.

"This is Jack, uh...Lucifer's son," he explained and my eyebrows shot to my hairline.

"Lucy's kid, huh? I think my dad was kinda sorta friends with yours," I told him.

"Oh, he's not my dad. Castiel is my father," he said and slowly, a smile split my face.

I made a hum of approval, having met the angel on several occasions. Nice guy. Bad taste in TV though - he tried to convince me to watch the pizza man with him once...let's just say I didn't.

"So what's this 'roomie' business about?" Sam asked, his voice warm and friendly as always.

I frowned, shrugging, "Got kicked out. I was kinda hoping you'd have an extra room? Just for a night or two till I figure out what I'm gonna do?"

"Of course. You're welcome any ti-" he began before Dean elbowed him in the ribs, shaking his head vehemently.

My eyes flicked between the two as they started a silent argument, chewing my bottom lip as I started to walk away.

"Uh, right, sorry, I shouldn't have even asked. I mean, you guys are busy, I know, so-" I started, about to turn away when a gentle grip caught my wrist, spinning me back around.

"Please, stay," Jack said softly, smiling over at me.

I pursed my lips in confusion. He didn't even know me yet he wanted me to stay? This boy was so confusing.

"Uh, look, kid, I don't think that's a good-" Dean started to protest when suddenly, Jack's eyes flashed amber.

Both Winchesters' eyes widened before they started to backtrack, both talking at once.

"I-I think you should stay."

"Yes, please stay with us."

A grin split my face as I shared a smile with Jack. But just as I turned to go, Jack leading the way down the hall to my new room, I thought I could just hear the brothers muttering something along the lines of "Squishy gets what Squishy wants".

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