Chapter 4: I am a Morganstern

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Clary pov

  "Clary let's go!" I heard Jace yell so I quickly clean up all my painting supplies and throw on a shirt. "I'm coming, I'm coming." I say walking out of my room.
  "Clarissa, you're going to make us late." He says looking down at his watch shaking his head. "We'll be fine! I know a short cut." I said and he looks at me confused.
  I quickly open a portal and he looks at me wide eyed. "There's- there's only one person who knows how to do that. You're- you're Clarissa Morganstern." He says taken back.
  "Oh shut up I'll explain later now take my hand, the portals about to close." I say and he looks back and forth between my hand and the portal as he takes it. We walk through and suddenly we are in front of a big building. With 10 minuets left to spare until class starts.
  "So you're Clarissa Morganstern..." he says looking intrigued. "Yes. Now don't make a big deal of it. My father was a... troubled man. And he died because of it." I said looking down at the ground playing with my Morganstern ring on my finger.
"I'm not judging you. And I'm not asking because of your father- I'm asking because of you. People say that you're the best shadowhunter of our generation and you can take a man down just by a wave of your hand. But it turns out... you're just a normal girl." He said and I lifted my head up.
"I guess you could put it that way. Can we just go and not talk about it?" I say and he nods as we slowly walk to class side by side.


"Does anyone know what type of rune this is? It's not used very much and there are people even my age that have never learned about this rune. It can only be found in the Grey Book." Mr. Starkweather said pointing to the screen.
  No one raised their hands. Damn, did no one really not know this? "It's obviously the muting rune they used back in the 40's. The iron sisters and silent brothers used it on their inmates they held to shut them up." I say in a mater a fact tone.
  "Good job, Miss Morganstern. Astonishing work." He said smiling. I knew hodge because he was in the circle before my dad went all psycho. But of corse he had to say Miss MORGANSTERN. Not miss Fray or Fairchild but Morganstern. Everyone in the class looked up at me wide eyed. Either in terror or in amusement.
  After class, I went outside and waited for Jace as I saw 3 girls basically throwing themselves at him. Some girls need to understand that being desperate isn't an attractive trait.
  I was waiting there, minding my own business, as the same group of 3 girls walked up to me. Now, this usually goes one of two ways. They ask for help for training saying that they admire my technique. Or they gang up on me.
  They were all standing in a triangle shape figure with one girl standing in the middle and slightly in the front of them. "Clarissa" the middle one with brown curly hair and way too much makeup on said. "I would love to train with you. I'm sure there's much I could learn." She says smiling.
  Wow, that did not go the way I thought it would go. "I'd love to learn from a backstabbing trader." She finishes putting a hand on her hip. I spoke too soon. I was about to say something snarky back but she and her Botox-filled minions then get really close to me. She is standing about 3 inches away from my face.
  "I'm going to say this once and I'm not going to say it again" she starts saying. "Get the hell out of my school. The hell away from my Jace. And the hell away for me. You got that?" She says in a bitchy tone. My father would want me to punch this girl in the nose and break it. But my mom taught me better.
  She then cracks her knuckles and puts her hand up and attempts to throw a punch at my face but before she got too close I grabbed her hand and twisted it to the point it shouldn't be twisted. "How about I teach you some lessons? Number one, don't you ever talk down to me like that again. Number 2, I can do and be wherever the hell I want. And for the last thing... I'll teach you some real technique, if that's what you really want." I say smiling. "There's this little trick I learned from my dad. All you have to do is grab the persons elbow, turn them around, turn it 360 degrees aaannddd" crack "just like that." I say as I do what I'm saying. I then follow up those moves by knocking her down to the concrete pavement, which will definitely leave a bruise. She is now face flat on the ground but I turn her over so she can see my face. I put my 4 inch stiletto heel right at her throat. Push. Push.
  "Okay, okay." She says tapping out. I grab her by the neck and pull her up. I am now holding her a foot in the air as I can see she is struggling to breath. "Don't you ever underestimate me again." I say as I let go and she drops to the ground.
  I look at the two other girls as they look at me in fear. "Do I need to demonstrate again?" I say and all three of them shake their heads in terror and run off.
  I look up to see if Jace was here yet and I see him and Izzy standing there with their mouths open. "I don't think I've ever met another girl who can fight as good as me in heels." Izzy says running up to me squealing in my ear and hugging me while jumping up and down.
  "Izzy-" I choke out "I can't- breath" I say and she lets me go. "Damn... remind me not to ever get you mad." I hear Jace say looking down at me and I laugh softly.
  "Oh and by the way I saw Izzy walking by so I offered for her to train with us. If that's okay?" He says looking at me. "Fine by me." I say smiling back.
  This is going to be a good year. I already know it.

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