Unplanned Pt. 3

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Note: I hope you guys enjoy this final installment in the Unplanned series :D

To say they pampered me would be an understatement. But to say I was "fragile as a tiny butterfly" as Jack put it, would be entirely wrong. I always had been perfectly capable of taking care of my own self. Even as a child, Dean would always be running after me, making sure I didn't get hurt when I'd try to come on their hunts with them. I was only ten but was able to exorcise a demon before Dean ripped the Latin book out of my hands. What I'm trying to say is that I was always able take whatever life threw at me. Always.

But this? A baby? I wasn't exactly prepared for motherhood, to be quite honest. But...I was excited. And so was Jack. In fact, all three of them were.

Baby books were spread out across the table in the library, mixing in with the research and demonology books Sam had acquired from Bobby years ago. Things were definitely looking up for us. But...but I could tell my brothers were worried. So was I. Jack was still half-Angel. He was still not completely human. And I was.

What would that mean for me? For the baby? Would I even survive long enough to gaze into my child's eyes or even be around for their first word, first walk? Tears threatened to spill over my cheeks then and I cursed my stupid hormones that were making me feel this way. I couldn't think like that - the boys would figure out something. We Winchesters always did.

"Are you alright?" Jack asked suddenly from the doorway and my eyes flicked to the baby blue orbs glued to mine.

I smiled, nodding as I wiped away the few tears that had managed to slide down my face before beckoning him into the room.

"Yeah, I'm fine, Jack," I replied, my hand absentmindedly resting on my rounded midsection.

A curious expression came over him as he watched me, stepping closer as he gently put his hand on my swollen stomach.

"She's going to be so beautiful when she gets here," he said with a dreamy smile plastered to his face before glancing up at me, "Just like her mother,"

I blushed scarlet and laughed, shaking my head, "What makes you so sure it's a girl?"

He shrugged, "My father scanned you and-"

"Cas did what now?" I asked, arching my eyebrows in surprise, "When did he possibly do that?"

"When we first found out. He wasn't going to tell me but...I wanted to know what my child would be," Jack told me matter-of-factly.

"Our child," I corrected him, leaning in slowly to brush a sweet kiss against his mouth.

His lips tasted like vanilla and chocolate - a sure sign he had gotten into Dean's candy stash under the front seat of Baby. Suddenly, a sharp pain shot through me and I cried out in agony, tearing my lips away from Jack's. His eyes went wide as saucers, unsure what to do as water trickled down legs, dribbling onto the carpet underneath my feet. Luckily for him, my moose of a big brother came careening into the room, nearly smacking into the door-frame as he did. As soon as he took in the situation, he ordered Jack to go get Dean and helped me out of the Bunker before shuffling me into Baby. Five minutes later, the four of us were rocketing down the highway to the hospital.

I groaned as I lied my head against Jack's shoulder as Dean sped down the road and Jack squeezed my hand gently to reassure me. I could feel the tightening in my chest from anxiety once we arrived - not from the birth, that part I wasn't scared of. Pain had no power over me. But the thought of dying? Of never meeting the little one I'd been carrying in my stomach for the past 9 months? That terrified me to my core. She didn't deserve to grow up without a mother.

Another contraction hit me then and I screamed out in pure agony, squeezing Jack's hand so hard, I swore I heard bones pop. His eyes flashed amber for a moment before he got his powers back under control as I lied in the hospital bed. Dean and Sam were waiting just outside in the waiting room, much to both their chagrin. As the hours ticked by, I could feel myself becoming weaker and weaker.

Tears pricked my eyes then as I turned to Jack, "I'm never gonna meet her, am I?"

His eyes softened from their normal luster and he brushed his fingertips across my knuckles in an attempt to soothe me.

"Of course you are. And you're going to make a wonderful mother when she arrives," he assured me.

But I shook my head, not believing his words. I was going to die tonight.

"She's part Angel, I-" I started to refute him but he shook his head at me, brushing a hand across my forehead lovingly.

"You're going to be okay. I promise. You know why?" he asked me and I whimpered just as another contraction hit me.

He leaned in close to my ear then, whispering softly, "Because I'm also half-human. And...and I love you too much to lose you."

The full wave of agony from the contraction hit me with full-force then and I screamed out as the overhead lights popped, sending a spray of bright sparks skidding across the room. One nurse shrieked in surprise, skittering out of the room just as my brothers barreled inside, having already heard the commotion. I was surrounded by them all now and I breathed out a sigh, my hand latching onto Sam's as they gathered around. Their figures were blurred from the tears in my eyes but they were there and that was all that mattered. Along with the doctor and nurses, of course.

And finally, it came time to push. And after a few tries, the piercing sound of a baby's cry filled the air. I let out a sigh of relief, my eyes landing on the tiny, pink, wrinkled infant as the nurses wiped her off before handing her to Jack. His blue eyes lit up like it was Christmas morning as he held her, gazing down at her little face. It was only then that I noticed what I should have all along - my heart was still beating. I...I was alive!

My gaze flicked to that of my brothers' to see them grinning down at me.

"Loopholes at its finest, boys." I breathed out, ending in a chuckle as I let my head lie back on the pillow, hair fanning out around me.

Jack set her in my arms then and she snuggled into my chest as I brought her closer. Her eyes hadn't opened yet, of course but I knew they would be as bright blue as her father's.

And as I looked around me one last time at the faces of my brothers and my lover before the wave of tiredness and sleep overtook me, I knew life would be okay. 

For all five of us.

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