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TopTommo: i miss you already.😢

StylishStyles: i miss you too, actually.😊

TopTommo: i miss your pretty lips. you're an incredible kisser.

StylishStyles: so are you.😚

TopTommo: KISS MY DICK.😠😠

StylishStyles: i'm not surprised by anything you say anymore lol.😭

TopTommo: good hehehe. 

Harry looked up at his two friends who were getting ready for work. Harry had to work today as well but luckily for him he still had a few hours.

"Harry, look!" Niall screamed.

He spun around and Harry began laughing. He could tell where they had clipped some of Nialls' hair off.

"It's not funny!"

"I beg to differ." Liam spoke, laughing.

"Niall, it's going to grow back." Harry reassured him, "Besides it doesn't look bad."

"Not if you don't look at it."

Harry shot daggers at Liam.

"Great!" Niall exclaimed, "That means I can't go to work!"

"You can't call out because of a missing patch of hair." Liam told him.

"You're going to go to work with a missing testicle." Niall threatened.

Harry rolled his eyes, "Niall, just calm down okay? I give it a month before your hair is back to normal."

Niall picked up his phone and was cussing Liam and Zayn as he walked out of the room.

"You think he's going to call out?" Harry asked.

"I have no doubt that's what he's doing." Liam replied, chuckling.

Harry was happily working today knowing that Violet had gotten fired. His new manager, Carl was extremely kind and fair. Harry liked him a lot.

He felt his phone buzzing in his pocket repeatedly but he couldn't answer it while he was working. He figured people were just talking in the chat so he didn't bother sneaking off to the bathroom.

"Niall, we have to go to Wal-Mart!" Liam yelled, slamming the door behind him. He was still in his work clothes.

Niall was on the couch playing games, "What? Why?"

"Get in the car! I'll tell you on the way!"

Niall cut off the game and TV before grabbing his shoes beside the door. He made sure it was locked and ran out right behind Liam.

"Liam, what's going on?"

They got into the car and Liam wasted no time in pulling out and going down the road.

"I just got a call from Anne."

"Harrys' mom?"

He nodded and Niall could see that his face had lost its color.

"What's going on, Liam?"

"Gemma was in an accident, Niall. She's on her way to the hospital. I have tried calling Harry but he isn't answering. We have to get him."

"Holy shit." Niall whispered, "Just pull in and I'll run to get him. Keep the car running!"

Liam nodded, "That's a good idea. Just get him out here as soon as you can." 

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