Can I keep him?

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Rifle is ARC_Trooper_Fives character. Thank you for letting me use him!

Rifle moved over to Coyote when they finished training and started gathering his things. Coyote was just grabbing at him, though, the smaller of the two twins looking exhausted. His red hair was tousled from wrestling and he was rubbing at his eyes.

Rifle patted his head and picked up his things, then scooped Coyote into his arms, holding him close. Coyote laid his head on Rifles shoulder.

"I tired..." he whined softly. "Want sleep." He yawned, rubbing his eyes some.

Rifle smiled and tried to smooth his brother's hair. "It's okay, we can go to bed now," he told him. They were practically eight but Coyote's speech defect made him sound like a four-year-old most of the time. Rifle didn't mind, though. It was kind of cute.

Coyote was almost asleep already, so Rifle simply carried him back to the barracks and crawled up onto his bed, setting Coyote down so he could sleep while Rifle changed into something more comfortable. Behind him, though, Rifle could hear Coyote shifting and he could feel his brother's distress at the separation. Coyote had severe separation issues, and sometimes that led to seizures if he got bad about it, but Rifle kept him close as much as possible and that kept him calm.

Moving back over there and crawling up beside his twin, Rifle snuggled Coyote in his arms and buried his nose in his brother's identical ginger hair.

"Love you, Cy," he yawned some and rubbed his own eyes, settling next to his brother. Coyote calmed down in his arms and curled right up, moaning softly in response before the both of them fell asleep.

Waking early in the morning, Rifle rubbed his eyes some and blinked his eyes open to find himself in an empty bed. Coyote was gone and there was hardly any sign of him. Rifle sat up straight at that and began looking around wildly for his brother.

It wasn't like Coyote to simply run off like that. The other boy hardly ever wandered off on his own, let alone let anyone else take him away. 

Rifle was starting to fear someone had taken Coyote from him as he looked around hurriedly. He grabbed his shoes and pulled them on, hurrying down the hall. Sometimes Coyote slept-walked and that could be the issue, especially if he was having one of his wild dreams, but it was still a rare occurrence.

Rifle started checking room after room for his brother, looking to see if Coyote was training, or had gone with someone else somewhere, or simply slept-walked into some random room.

He wasn't having much luck, though, until he reached the end of the hallway where a couple of old storage rooms were. He peeked inside and saw someone shift away from the light quickly. They seemed small.

"Cry?" Rifle called, then stepped back into the hall. For a moment there was nothing then Coyote came to the door, looking nervous and trying to block the entrance.

"I Sorry, was...." he seemed to be struggling to come up with something and Rifle could practically feel the ill attempted deception. His brother was happy about something but he could feel nervousness and worry too.

"What's in there, Cy?" Rifle asked.

Coyote looked at his feet some. "Um....I-I no want bad. I want pet," he murmured.

Rifle cocked his head. "Cy, can I see inside?"

Slowly, Coyote moved from the door and Rifle slipped inside, turning on the lights. He heard a soft tipping and walked over, finding a puppy inside one of the crates missing the top.

Coyote bolted over there and scooped up the puppy, then looked up guiltily. "Rif mad?"

Rifle shook his head and smiled as he watched the cute scene, the puppy trying to lick Coyote's face as Coyote tried to avoid it.

"Not mad, Cy. Happy."

Coyote grinned, beaming with happiness. "I keep him?"

Rifle smiled and nodded, liking the thought of having their own pet. "Yeah, Cy. We can keep him."

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