I still remember that day very clearly, I sat on the couch waiting for Louis to get home, he was already an hour late. His dinner was getting cold, I could still smell the scent of his spaghetti waiting for him in the kitchen. After 3 hours I started to get worried, I constantly checked my phone, but nothing. I don't think time had ever felt so slow. it was now 2 in the morning, oh Louis where could you be? i could feel drowsiness washing over me and eventually I gave in. I woke up to the sound of knocking and glanced over to the clock, it was 4:30am, I slowly got up and headed to the door, knocking into a chair, I opened the door and there stood police, that was weird, why were police here? I stood there untill finally they spoke. Harry, Harry Styles? they asked I slowly nodded as I realized what was going on, they continued and said that Louis had been in a hit and run and died on impact, I stood there shocked, I felt like the whole world was crumbling around me, how could this happen, we only recently got married and we were to have a family together, no this couldn't be. I dropped to my knees and started screaming for him as tears started streaming down my face, I called for him screaming his name as the police tried to calm me, but they couldn't, how could they? they didn't know what it was like to have your world all of sudden pulled away from you.


what do you think guys? should i make it into more than a one shot? like go a year back and show how they meet and stuff? yes? no? cause im not sure! 

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