XXIV - Cleansing

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Cleansing or purifying is when you remove any energies from an object or place. Tools are often cleansed before a ritual, spell, or any other magical work. You should always cleanse an item that you bought for magical work – the item picked up all kinds of energies on its way to the store and to you. Places can be purified too – this is done before you cast a Circle, and any time you feel like the energy isn't good (after an argument, for example). Below I'll give different ways to cleanse an object, a place, and yourself. You can also find them in chapters XXII and XXIII.

Cleansing objects:
- Hold the item in your hands and imagine white light cleaning it from any negative energies. Say:
"I cleanse this [item name],
may it be cleared of all evil.
So mote it be."
- Burn some incense or a smudge stick (sage is a purifying herb) and let the smoke touch the item. Imagine the negative energy going away with the smoke.
- Put the item in a bowl with salt or dirt.
- Put the item in salt water or purified water (for purified water see chapter XXI). You can also sprinkle salt water or purified water on the item.
- Wave the item over a candle flame or put it into the fire. Imagine the fire destroying the evil energy.

Cleansing a room or an area:
- Light an incense or smudge stick and walk around the room with it, waving it in the air and imagining all the negativity disappearing with the smoke. Go near the walls and the corners too. Common smudges are sage and sweetgrass.
- Take your broomstick and sweep the floor with it (it doesn't have to touch the floor). Imagine the broom sweeping the negative energies away. If you want, you can chant at the same time.
- Sprinkle consecrated water around the room (see chapter XXI for how to make it). This is called asperging. You can also sprinkle milk or wine if you prefer. Put the liquid in a bowl, dip your fingers in it, and sprinkle it around while you walk around the space.
- Sprinkle consecrated salt around the room. To consecrate your salt, hold your hands above it and say some words related to consecration, for example:
"I cleanse and consecrate this salt,
may it enhance and purify all that it touches.
So mote it be."
Sprinkle the salt around and imagine it absorbing all the negative energies.
- Light a candle and walk around the room, holding it in your hands. Imagine the fire destroying all the negativity in the place.

Cleansing yourself:
Cleansing yourself is just as important as cleansing anything else for magical workings. Cleansing prepares you both physically and spiritually for performing magic. Negativity and stress will be removed from your body when you cleanse yourself. This way nothing interferes with your magic and it can work better.

Bathing is the most common way to cleanse yourself. You can light some incense or candles in the bathroom, and add salt, herbs, or essential oils into the water. If you don't have a bath you can take a shower or simply wash your face and hands. If you're outdoors, you can swim in the ocean, lake, or a stream to purify yourself. Another simple way is to visualize (imagine) the wind washing away all negativity.

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