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Sunday, August 25th.

"You guys can be so adorable yet so disgusting at the same time," I commented on the way my best friend and her boyfriend cuddled.

Normally we agreed to never be a party of three on any occasion if it could be helped, but I guess today it just couldn't be helped. I covered my eyeballs to avert my gaze from the scene before me. It was unpleasant in my case.

She giggled, being wrapped up in his arms while she was nestled between his legs. "I'm sorry but this man can't help himself from anything to do with me."

Colin smirked a bit, looking at us both. "I sincerely do apologize but this beautiful woman creates situations where I cannot control myself."

I wrinkled my nose up in disgust, not wanting a picture of those two in the bedroom. "Too far. Please keep it PG. Please, and thank you."

I laid down on my small mattress, as this room didn't allow for any size bigger. It was a twin, and dorm rooms naturally never allowed for bigger. That was if you wanted to have some furniture and other things as well, in which case I did. A small bed just had to suffice.

My best friend and roommate, Juliet, kicked a shoe that had laid on the floor near her feet. The shoe rolled my way, causing me to watch it intently as it stopped near my bed. I bent down to pick it up, realizing it was my shoe, to begin with. I really should clean up after myself.

I tossed the shoe near the foot of my bed, knowing I would use it once I had to leave this room again. I turned over towards Juliet and Colin, pressing my lips together as he kissed her cheek. I wondered what it would've been like to be in her shoes. Unfortunately, I was only in my own, in which case I had to avert my gaze until the kisses eventually ended, for the moment at least. I scratched the skin near my lips to distract myself from their little love fest.

Juliet looked my way and gave me a reassuring smile. She was aware that I was still in the room, and she wanted to keep my food in my stomach. It could've been a thoughtful second for her if it wasn't ruined with Colin pushing her brown hair back. He would always be able to capture her attention so easily.

Juliet smiled as if she didn't have a care in the world. I couldn't have been happier that she was happy. I'd probably be the worst friend ever if I wasn't happy for her. Of course, some jealousy did exist, and I tried to ignore those feelings. They were no good.

I gave her my best smile that spoke as adoration on my part for what they had. They had a fairly healthy relationship, in which I did want someday. She would want the same for me, but what else were best friends for?

I gently rubbed the muscles near my shin, trying to get rid of that they feeling. Growing pains were an absolute female dog. I was a grown woman, so growing was no longer in my system. Why were they still called growing pains if they could occur at any given age?

Juliet poked Colin's nose, keeping their silly antics on a rise. He reached out and gave her a little tickle which brought forth a laugh. She fought him off, but she was no match for his games.

She laughed again. "Colin, stop it!"

He was tickling her sides, making her turn red with laughter. He chuckled, eventually wrapping his arms around her slim figure.

I shook my head in a playful manner, feeling awkward being the third wheel once more.

I noticed they got quiet and I thought maybe they were making out for their own sake. Nevermind how it made me feel, they were in love and it couldn't be helped.

I looked over their way and saw them looking my way. I assumed they were giving me a look that they had wanted to be alone for more private matters. With that knowledge, I stood up. "I guess I will go somewhere off on my own."

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