Chapter 34 - art

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Ethan took me in his strong arms after our kiss.

He was so gentle with me and carefully sat me on the bathtub after carried me to it.

He then stepped back and took off his own jacket and threw it on the bathroom floor.
At first I was confused on why he did that, but then, watching his next actions, I understood.

Indeed, slowly, without looking at me once, he undressed himself.
Starting by taking off his shirt, then his pants, socks and finally his underwear.

He was completely and literally naked in front of me, and I couldn't take my eyes of him.

For some reason, I felt comforted to see him like that in front of me, so vulnerable, so beautiful.

It wasn't even because he seemed to loved me enough to be this confident and reveal the most intimate thing a person can have.

It was... trust.

We both trusted each other.

There was nothing sexual.
He wasn't ashamed of his body. He wasn't ashamed to let me see him fully.

It was as if he was laying bare his soul in front of me.

As if he was telling me that he wasn't hiding anything, that he belonged to me.


Ethan got in the bathtub and help me get up. He was taller than me so my head was in the crook of his neck, and my arms wrapped around his waist. I could hear his heartbeat.

It was calm.

His strong arms were wrapped around me at first, but when he made sure I could hang on to him without falling he loosen his grip on my body and started to wash my hair, slowly.

He made sure to not put any shampoo in my eyes.
He made sure to not create any knot in my hair.


After a moment, he sat on the edge of the bathtub and sat me on his lap so that I was directly under the water jet.
He rinsed my hair.

With the washcloth he rubbed my arms, my legs, my belly, my chest...
My whole body.

It felt right.

I was treated like a goddess and I never felt so respected and safe in my life.


I looked at Ethan , and he was so beautiful.

His wet dark hair was scattered in disorder on his forehead.
Drops of water were running down his muscular torso, his abs, his huge arms and legs.
That's a sight that I don't ever want to forget.

He was so concentrated on making sure that I don't fall, that I feel good and clean that his eyes were darker than the usual.

He was art.


I run a hand in his hair and his eyes met mine.

I leaned towards him and our lips slowly pressed together as we shut our eyes.
I kissed him and he kissed back, our lips moving in sync.
His were so soft and tasted like candy and mint, a little bit like shampoo also, which made me smile.

It's the perfect moment.

I love this feeling in my stomach. I love the feeling of his hand running up and down my back.
I love feeling him so close to me.

Not only physically, but also mentally.
We were one at that moment.


After a moment I pulled away, my lips leaving his and I rested my forehead on his, out of breath.
My eyes still closed.

"Breath." Ethan softly whispered, his hand still caressing my back.

I don't feel as bad and sick as I usually do when I'm with him. That's a fact.

He is my medicine.

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