Chapter 3

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When the clock struck five evening,a huge grin on Addison's face widening.

Not everyday Flemming café being this quiet.Usually this place was crowded with people from all age;from employees at huge company,high schoolers, middle schoolers,even an old men and women from different professions would stopped to have breakfast,lunch,dinner or just to hanging out.

When Addison first came here,she thought they only serves ice cream,but when she started worked she found out they not only serves ice cream but also a meal for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

They are always the reason why Addison love to works here. Just the smiles that lit up their faces when she brought their,enough to made her day.

So where those people now? Addison had arrive around 10 half 11 afternoon, greeting her fellow waitresses and that when she noticed they all just sitting on the chair facing the counter,doing nothing. She pushed the odd away,instead she asked what she could do to help,but they just waving their hands dismissively. When Jane,a dark haired and brown eyes girl spoke something in a whisper tone, she stopped scrubbing the already-clean counter and leave them to continue their gossip.

That was apparently irritated Jane. Jane grabbed her hand and asked her to join them in their conversation,Addison shook her head politely declined. After that,the five waitresses stop trying to start conversation with her and continued on and on until the last costumer exited.

Humming, she wiped the last table and with satisfaction grin,she unhooked the apron that tied behind her. When she hang her apron onto its place,the bell rang indicating someone entered.

She was throwing profanities and ready to kick the dumb costumer-surely the closed sign enough to tell them this shop is closed-when Jane,whom sitting on a counter a minute ago already served him a green ice cream,probably green tea flavor.

Jane come toward where Addison standing with unsteady steps,face flushing and flirty but shaky smirks still plastering on her face.

"Oh my... Holy f... Sweet baby..." Unable to form a sentence,Jane fell to nearest bench while fanning her face with her hands.

"What happened to you?" Jane's friend,Gemma asked.

"And why you served that hunky sweetie over there. Hot or not but we're already closed,Jane." Shanie,another Jane's friend said disapprovingly.

"I know why you're so hot and bothered with his presence. Holy shit. That guy is a modern copy of Adonis." Ana pipped in,popping her bubble gum and chewed again,eyeing their oh-so-hot costumer while twirling her black hairs with her forefinger.

His back toward them so Addison couldn't see his face,but something about him that scream 'I'am oh-so-f**king familiar' that made Addison a bit unease with his presence. When all of her fellow waitresses get ready to closed all blinds and lamps,they told Jane to wait until he finished and lock the doors,or doing whatever she want. That she didn't object.

Addison almost walk past him when she heard him muttered 'I'm screwed' and there's no mistaking how familiar that voice is. Addison stopped and walked around the table to find him just sitting there,eyes cast downward as if in trance.
She should've leave the moment she saw his face. She should pretend to not knowing him. She should just shut her mouth,but she did the exact opposite.

Instead she fight with him,fight with words. She didn't know what happened, all she realized when she poured the content in a plastic bowl is she's screwed. When he sat there unmoving, she watched as ice cream covered him from his hair to his neck and all over him, then she realized the ice cream was mint with chocolate flavor.

His favorite.

Their eyes met, his,filled with disbelief and and anger,she,filled with hatred and also anger.

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