Yes, I'm different, but he loves me [Chapter Nine]

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<P>Ariane's P.O.V</P>

<P>I wanted to stay with Tylee the whole time, but before I knew it, I was put on my own stretcher and a seperate ambulance. I don't really remember what happened after that, but a shooting pain in my leg made me scream. Had I gotten hit to ? I was too worried about Tylee to even care about my own personal health. I felt the stretcher get lifted up into the ambulance, and that's the last thing I remember since the blackness took over. I woke up later on, not aware of time or even where I was. I didn't care, Tylee was on my mind. I slowly opened my eyes and say someone sitting in a chair from the corner of my eye. I tried to sit up before I was gently pushed back down. "You can't get up right now Ariane." I looked up into my brothers sad eyes. "Where's Tylee ?" Rory looked down at the floor, and I saw a tear slide out of his eye. "She is in intensive care, she just got out of surgery." He answered quietly, I knew that he was hiding something. "And?" I urged on. He took in a deep breath, and I saw more tears sliding down his cheek. "What's going on Rory !" I said, rasining my voice loudly. "They don't think she is going to make it." He mumbled. The realization that I lost my baby sister hit me, and I closed my eyes as the tears started to fall down my cheeks in a steady stream. The nurse came in, making me open my eyes. She smiled sympatheticly and I shrugged it off. "Time for your pain medication Ariane." I looked down at my wrists to see an IV in each hand. I groaned, and Rory quickly excused himself. She changed the medication in the IV and I sat back, letting the feeling of numbness take over me. I was just beginning to fall asleep when the door brought me back to the white hospital room. I slowly moved my head towards the door, and there was Stephen, in the same clothes he was before, excpet now his clothes was covered in blood. I whinced, not wanting to know whos blood that was. "How are you feeling baby?" He asked quietly. "Numb" was my simple answer. He sat at the foot of my bed, avoiding my leg. "What happened to me, and how is Tylee ?" He sighed and grabbed my hand. I know that I didn't want to hear this next part, but it had to be said. "The doctor just told Rory, he is a mess but Jaymee is with him. We lost her." he mumbled the last part, and I immediately wished it was me that got hit, not her. I cried, and Stephen squeezed my hand, "Why couldn't it have been me." I said in a whisper. Stephen shot his head up and stared into my eyes, " Don't ever say that again. I couldn't stand the thought of losing you, having your leg practically snapped in half was bad enough." Ouch, I thought to myself, I'm really messed up too. "I'm sorry." I replied with a blank expression on my face. "Try and get some sleep Ariane, I'll be right here." Stephen said, breaking the silence. I looked up at him and saw a mix of emotions, starting with hurt, love, sadness and ending with tiredness. "One last question, how long have we been here." He looked up at me with sad eyes, " Only a few hours, it's now 3:30am. Get some sleep." I looked at my loved one who was covered in blood, "Go home and change. Get some sleep." I said, he sighed and answered gently, " I will go home and change, but I am coming straight back here. I'm going to be here when you wake up." I smiled a half smile, and the last thing I remember before falling asleep was Stephen gently kissing my forehead and whispering an "I love you."</P>

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