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"I browsed the Dark Web for well over half a year before a horrible experience made me quit.

I started browsing after reading a few articles and was fascinated by the tales told in them. The first few months were pretty normal where I mostly visited chat rooms and unindexed sites. Obviously I saw plenty of drug stores, weapon dealers sites and hitmen services offering pages. These were pretty less scary compared to what I was about to see.

Once during a visit to a chat room, I was talking to a stranger and asked him if he had access to any special sites. He readily gave me a link to visit and a reference key. I was pretty stupid to click the link and I regret it till today.

When I opened the link it led me through a series of websites, the ones that you could immediately recognise as fake ones. They were clearly hiding something behind that facade. After a few more clicks here and there, I was directed to a special page where they asked me for the reference key. Once I entered the key I was directed to a live cam site.

The camera view featured a woman sitting on a chair, tied up and blindfolded. Beside her two men in masks were standing, one with a club and other with a chainsaw. There was a counter of bitcoins on the screen, after a while it filled up and the camera started rolling.

The first guy took the blind fold off the woman and went to a computer. He then started reading comments off a laptop proclaiming he would do whatever was written in the comments to the woman. Soon enough comments started pouring in about beating or torturing the woman. I thought it was all a play to earn some bitcoins but I was terribly wrong.

The man started hitting the woman with the club while she screamed in pain. For a few seconds I stared in horror as the woman was tortured. After a while, the other guy worked up the chainsaw and started cutting the woman. There was blood everywhere and this was no show. I was horrified by what I saw. I immediately disconnected and was too scared to ever go back again.

Dark Web is no joke. You may be fascinated about it until such an experience may scare you for life. I still remember the screams. Don't give in to temptation to visit dark web in hopes of finding something amazing. It is a very gruesome place. Stay safe."

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