What's The Most Disgusting Thing You've Seen On The Dark Web?

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"The deep/dark web is an interesting, to say the least, place.

Similar to most people, I access it through the Tor Network. I don't do the fun illegal stuff (that you should know about), but boy have I seen some good ol' fashioned, throw-up-in-your-mouth, grimacing, but intriguing things on that part of the web.

Like most weird and unpopular things I do, I do it at school. There are apps on your phones' app stores that allow access to Tor, which is handy. Instead for studying for that science test you've got next period, be like me and instead of studying, use that lunch period to browse Tor Network.

My favourite things are the chat rooms. Most of them there are only 4-15 people active, so it's not that big and you can either observe or start acting like you're a murderer and want another victim to kill. Whatever floats your boat.

Plus, from the chat rooms, you can ask for some good links. Everyone on the dark web, I find, are pretty generous and they'll help you out on a request. The people are surprisingly nice.

I usually just follow links and links and keep digging down the rabbit hole of the dark web, asking myself "What am I doing with my life?". There is no correct answer, so I venture forth.

There are many disgusting things that people with the weak of heart should avoid, along with people who actually care about other people. But if you are heartless and really couldn't care less, join the club and go forward.

Red Rooms:

Some people have heard of these. To give you the rundown, it's where one pays money to witness a live torture. Usually in Bitcoin format, you can pay currency in exchange to see a live torturing, right from the comfort of your own couch! Unfortunately, most are scams designed to capitalize on the Bitcoin craze. But there are a couple actual ones out there. I've never actually seen one, thank goodness, but from what I've gathered it that it's unbelievably gory and brutal.

Animal Cruelty:

Now I'm not one of those crazy hippie vegan eating grass types, but this stuff is intense. Practically any animal is featured, and it's quite gruesome. Decapitations and other horrible things are just some things shown. Cows, pigs, chickens, birds, dogs, fish, cats, dolphins, monkeys, lizards, frogs, snakes, mice, reindeer, you name it, the dark web has it. Luckily, I saw such an "episode" of this cruelty so you don't have to. Unfortunately, but this is reality, this was centered around common baby domestic animals. 3 minutes of horrible, horrible torture and suffering and was extremely gory and quite disgusting. Some sick people live, and I advise you do not search these things up unless you're equally disgusting.


The classic example of what lies in the dark web. I've never viewed pornography personally, but click one bad link and a bunch of naked 4 year old girls pop up on the screen. Thank goodness no teachers were around or that'd be a tough one to explain.

I have come across the perhaps weirdest links ever in history. Some titles include "Gay Sumo Porn", "Young Girl Japanese Threesome" and "Chinese Asparagus Porno". A lot of people come to the dark web to satisfy their cravings, and there's always new things to explore, such as Chinese Asparagus Pornos.


This is actually quite cool, if you're like me. Hiring people to do your dirty work for you? Sign me up! Yet again, however, almost every single one is another cheap grab at getting more Bitcoins. But there is hope. There are a couple actual ones hidden further in the dark web. Dig deep, and you shall be rewarded. From how far I've dug, the average prices range from 0.33 bitcoins to 2 bitcoins. It depends on the occupation, location, and social status of your chosen target.

 • Drugs:

Another typical topic that comes to mind when someone utters the words "Dark Web". These websites are quite common, and surprisingly a fair amount work and are reliable. Any illegal drug under the sun can be bought for Bitcoins. Basically anything that you can buy on the dark web is in exchange for Bitcoins, because they're not easily traced and can easily be traded between accounts. These sites are quite interesting, and they range from small private marijuana dispensaries to Italian fentanyl Mafia trade posts.

There are some scary people and things in the dark web. Chat rooms are hotspots to see how sick and twisted people can be, or can seem.

Here are some of my "Chat Room Classics":

"My neighbour is very smooth and crunchy. That girl tempts me with her irresistible body. Again, tonight, I shall satisfy myself. Her parents are always out, to the girl's content."

Um, okay. That's questionable. But you do you, I guess...?

"I know where you live. I will find you, and I will take you and do unimaginable things to you. Very soon, say hello to my dark basement."

Not that creepy, y'know, until he/she proceeded to state my IP address a minute later. Fortunately, I have this little function that bounces my IP address around different computers around the world, so it's never actually mine. But my "fake" IP address exactly matched what he said my IP address was. So I naturally jumped out of my seat and shut everything down. Pretty scary, considering it took only 3 minutes of me on that chat room for a person to figure out an IP address. So yes, make sure your IP address is not yours. Or do it on your friends account.

"How does one clean up roughly a gallon of blood off carpet very quickly before her parents get home?"

I don't know what that means, and I don't want to know what that means.

What's the most scary/disgusting thing I've seen on the deep/dark web? Around 75% of it."

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