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Skylar's POV:

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Skylar's POV:

I felt like I would break apart. I could almost hear my heart breaking into million pieces. I felt sad, hopeless and every other feeling you get when you're heartbroken.

All because today was Monday.

The day that leads to a whole week of high school. What can I say? I hated waking up extra early for such purpose, with passion.

It's not like I got bullied. Or that I had to go through extra mean girls. Or had really bad teachers.

It just wasn't my thing.

I'd prefer sleep more than anything. Except cupcakes, of course. Which was the reason I finally got up.

"You get down in one minute or I'll eat all these cupcakes." Alex threatened on the phone.

That was the meanest statement I've ever heard. One minute I wanted to sleep like a bear and the next, I was rummaging through my closet picking out a decent attire.

I rushed downstairs and out of my house without saying any goodbyes. It's not like I had anyone to say goodbye to. Mom and Dad were both lawyers, which meant that they woke up extra early and came back sometime after midnight.

I didn't complain though. I wasn't much of parent attention seeker.

"Gosh, you are such an elephant for cupcakes. What took you so long anyways?" Alex asked as I sat inside the car.

If I told him that I was asleep, he would never give me the cupcakes. He was mean when it came to my sleep routine.

"Chicken got in my way. And I tripped over...landing my foot in the cereal box and spraying them everywhere. I needed to clean the mess. You know how much I hate mess." I ended it with a fake laugh.

I knew that excuse was rubbish. Alex knew that too. Because firstly, Chicken (my cat) never woke up till I come back from school. She was just like me, craving for sleep. Secondly, I never in my life gave a shit about mess.

Alex, however, chose to ignore it. He threw me the paper bag as I opened it happily. All my happiness died when I found out that it was filled with crumbled up tissues.

I looked at Alex who was busy driving along. He looked so calm like he hadn't just given me tissues instead of cupcakes.

"You cannot do this to me." I whispered in horror.

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