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"I used to be curious about the dark web because I heard that you could find anything on it including assassination websites and drugs and hackers and stuff.

I also heard that it is extremely dangerous to surf there and may lead to exploitation of personal information.

But my curiosity won that day and I downloaded the Tor, ready to go to the devils palace.

Now let me tell you the series of events which changed the way I view the world:

The first site I visited (I researched a bit before entering the devils palace) was hiddenwiki. Its basically the wikipedia of the dark web and you can find links of various illegal sites openly. At first I visited websites selling drugs and an assassination website (I still remember the rates lol). I was curious because it was the first time I've seen such stuff being done publicly. Then I came across a hackers website who claimed that he can hack anywhere and can even manipulate the grades in the college's database. (damn but his cost was high :p)

I wanted to explore further and I returned to Hiddenwiki for more links. There I found a link to a website which have thousands of onion links to all type of websites in the dark web. Majority of them didn't have description as to where will they lead you. Telling you something about onion links, they look something like this "asd3w432readf.onion". they are not like "", i.e, you don't where you're headed by reading the name, until you click on them or already know where they'll lead to.

So I started clicking on some of them. Majority of them lead to some weird adult sites. Some of them lead to normal sites. Now I came across an onion link and it was mentioned in brackets "violence". I thought by violence they mean "two people fighting or someone jumping from a roof or some fight in the prison". It was an extremely bad idea to click it. (PLEASE DON'T CONTINUE READING IF YOU ARE FAINT HEARTED). A video started playing automatically (like embedded YT videos we find on some sites). It showed a man in orange dress on his knees. Now without any warning some guy game and hit the guy in the orange dress with some kind of blade. It all happened so fast, I was scared as hell because I haven't seen such thing before in my life. It took more than one hit to chop the neck of that guy in orange dress. The way the orange guy was suffering even after his head was cut of left a life long mark in my mind. It was a bad bad bad decision to open anything. I quickly closed all the tabs and went to sleep. I didn't sleep peacefully that night.

I didn't went to the deep for about an year until my curiosity woke up again. Now whenever I go to the deep, I use certain browsers and VPNs for safety, after that incidence. I've explored deep web even more, but never clicked the like which did not told where it was leading exactly.

If you think you have seen creepy things, you should visit to the deep once. You will be disturbed."

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