A painful truth

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<3 This is the PG13 (somewhat...) version of this chapter. The mature chapter of  "A painful truth" can be found in my other book "When death takes notice (mature chapters only)".

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My trembling feet struggled to hold my weight as he gently eased me down onto the kitchen floor. The horrific sight I had just witnessed in the basement still festered in my mind, it made me sick, made me weak.

My eyes darted over the towering form of the man in front of me. My eyes took in his joy filled, bloodspattered face first, before they roamed over his chest and pants. He was covered in blood. I looked down, and came to realize that so was I.

«Why dont you take a seat, while I prepare something nice for us to eat.» He smiled down at me, his face aglow with the delight he had felt ever since I uttered those damning words, I will stay.

My heart thundered in my chest as I stared at him. I braced myself, taking a deep breath before I dared to speak, dared to question him, before I dared to ruin the peace.

«Ummm... Shouldnt we maybe... wash up before dinner...» The sound leaving my lips was so low, so unsure, so frightened.

He blinked twice, his eyes really taking in my form for the first time. He looked down at himself, at the crimson splatters soaking his shirt, and then he laughed. The frightful sound filled the room, made it hard to breathe.

I stared at his shaking form with wide eyes, unable to find the humor in the situation.

«Stop laughing! It isnt funny!» I yelled at him, anger drowning my fear.

Silence filled the room, as the euphoric sound of his laughter fell dead to the floor. He smiled at me, flashing his white teeth, the smile reached his eyes, it made them sparkle. The sparkle made the bloodsoaked creature before me obscenely beautiful.

«Its not funny, nor is it something to smile about. We are covered in a dead girls blood for christ sake!» I screamed at him, my hands fisted at my side, as I held myself back from ramming them against his crimson shirt.

He took a step closer, his hand grasped my chin. His still smiling cinnamon eyes gazed down at me.

«It is funny from my point of view love.» He bent down, his lips a breath away from my own.

«I have what you might call slight OCD tendencies. I need everything in this house to be clean, pure, and you my love, make me forget myself. You make me forget the blood, the taint, the darkness. When I am with you, all I see is you, nothing else matters.» He ended his confession with his lips pressed firmly against my own.

His nose inhaled me as he deepened the kiss. His tongue coaxed my own to come out and play. He released my chin from his grasp, and snaked his arms around my waist, holding me tightly in his arms.

The taste of cooper on his lips made me pull away, and he let me. I took several shallow breaths, fighting the bile that threatened at the base of my throat. The warmt of his fingers, made slow soothing circles on my back as I struggled to breathe.

Dear God! I am soaked in a dead girls blood! And now I have her blood in my fucking mouth!

I wanted to cry, to scream, to hurl, I did neither. I just kept breathing, my shallow breaths kept me gounded, kept me somewhat sane.

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