Chapter 21

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Wow! Just wow!
Getting me all dressed then bringing me here and then leaving me to sit in the car?!!!
That jerk!!
It's not like I wanted to go or anything but he wasted so much money on me so it just makes me mad.
He said fifteen minutes. That's so long! I already feel bored.
Should I call Charles and complain? No, he was happy about it but he always has another perspective of seeing things. If I were to ask him, he would definitely say that it's not Jayden's fault. It's not like he is obliged to take me with him. I am nothing but his son's nanny. What will he say about me if he took me with him? We don't have any relation plus his son is not here. If his son is not attending the party then I don't have any reason to go with him. Maybe he thought all these and then decided not to take me. Now that I think it like this, I feel like I don't have anything to complain.
I just have to wait for fifteen minutes then I can go back to Zack.
At least I got to meet "The Dreamers" and also become this pretty. I took so many pictures too. And not to forget about Charles's appointment with "The Dreamers". I gained a lot of things so I shouldn't care about not going to the party.

When will he be back? Are fifteen minutes always this long? I looked at the time on my phone. It's already one hour since Jayden went inside!!!!
What is taking him this long?!! I don't think he is the kind of guy who would get late after a promise and that too when it involves Zack!!!
He is not stuck inside, is he? Ethan said that all the women have always been after him, did they catch him or something? Or did his friends make him drink and now he is drunk dead inside. It will be a problem if he gets in trouble and we should start soon if we want to reach back home on time. Zack won't eat his dinner without us.
I should call him and make sure he is ok.
I picked up my phone, I don't have his number!!! I never exchanged numbers with him!!! What should I do? I can't just sit here when I think that he might be in trouble and Zack is waiting for us to come home!
Should I go inside? I won't cause him any trouble. I will just go inside, find him and come back so that we can go home. If he is drunk then I will drive the car. No, I can't take him home if he is drunk. Zack shouldn't see him like that. If he is drunk then I will take him to my home and Charles can make something for him to sober him up.

I opened the car door and stepped out. I closed the door and took a deep breath. I am nervous.
I walked up out of the parking lot. Where should I go? Music... I hear soft music, let's go that way. I hope Jayden is ok.
Wow! The lights are so beautiful.
I walked through the lighted path.
Backyard party! It's a backyard party! I have never been to a backyard party. It sure looks stunning! All these lights, soft music plus cold evening wind, so beautiful!! Rich people's parties so are different and elegant.
I entered inside and saw people talking in small groups. Some couples are dancing to the soft music and others just standing there drinking and talking.
Julia!! You are not here to admire!! Focus!! Look for Jayden!! I looked around. I can't see him anywhere. Maybe I should walk further inside.
Ok... Am I imagining or are these people really staring at me? Is it a coincidence or is Charles psychic. He said that when I enter the party, people would stare at me and whisper among themselves about me being an actress or model and I think what he said is really happening!! People are really staring at me and also whispering among themselves!! I don't look strange and I know that!! I saw myself in the mirror plus it was "The Dreamers" who got me ready. I look more than stunning, no... I look breathtaking. I am getting so self-absorbed!! I should look for Jayden.
Should I ask someone? It won't do any harm just to ask about him, right!?
Why is everyone backing away when I try to approach them?!!!
I really am an idiot.!!! I start blabbering when I become uncomfortable and now that I am blabbering to myself, these people might be thinking that I am strange. A beautiful unknown girl suddenly coming to a party and looking around whispering to herself, how much freaky can I get?!!!
Calm down, Julia! Calm down!!!
I took a deep breath. Don't want to make it hard for Jayden to be seen with me. Be cool and composed!!

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