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"All right class. Today is the start of your third-year graduation project. Remember that this a ten-month assignment which needs to be done in pairs. Choose your partner wisely otherwise you will have a very difficult school year. Now if you do not pass, turn-in, or complete this project you will fail the class. Any questions?"

The class remained silent, accepting or at the very least acknowledging their teacher.

"Alright then, I will give the remaining of this class to pick your partner and choose a topic to study over."

With that said, many jumped, turned, even shouted from their seats to the person they want to ask if they can be a pair.

One of these many students was a timid boy, with socially awkward behavior. His green hair matches his emerald eyes. Keeping his sight and head down from any attention, it's not like people want to hang out with a Quirkless nobody.

The assignment seems relatively easy to follow. Just research a topic and give a full detailed background, achievements, downfalls, and what it is now in today's time.

Most of the topics seemed a bit outside of his standard hero analysis for the future. He might as well just get something he can somewhat interested in.

"Modifying Evolution." He said to himself as it was one of the hundreds of topics that caught his attention but it did seem a

Pulling out his phone, he did some light look-ups on the web to see where he could start. Finding a lab/museum dedicated to the evolution of animals, insects, etc. He could head there on Friday as looking up books, newspapers, and reports on the study of Modifying Evolution in the local library.

Before he could do any of that of course...he needed a partner. As much as his mind would like to think he was okay to work by himself, on the rule-brick it clearly says on the top of the page that a partner is required for this long-term project. Looking around his class, he noticed at many of his classmates had already paired up.

Luckily there were the few that seemed open and available to ask. Just glancing around he could see that an odd number of students chatting away to figure out a compromise of who to pair up. Almost suddenly he saw a short girl, seemingly annoyed at her female classmates.

"What do you mean no? Is there something wrong with partnering up with me?"

"It's just that... Mineta-Chan, you're to... inappropriate. You talk way too much about certain things. That makes us feel uncomfortable. I think it's better we don't work together this year."

The shorter purple-balled hair girl seemed more so betrayed and further annoyed.

"Oh is that it? Cause it seems that you got something else to say to me?!"

The taller group of girls remain silent with a hint of shame and displeasure.

"Well fine! I don't need to work with you anyway!"

This, of course, caught the attention of everyone else in the classroom.

"Ms. Mineta, care to explain your outburst?"

"Just trying to look for a partner Sensei."

The shorter lass  said with heated impatience. Right away the home room teacher raise a palm forth towards the class as a means of silence and pay attention to him.

"Alright is there anyone who doesn't have a partner yet? Raise your hand if you do not have a partner otherwise keep your noises down until we figure out a solution."

The class remained silent, none didn't raise hands even those who weren't in pairs. Confused yet in need of a partner, the green-haired teen raised his hand somewhat hesitantly. Sensei saw this.

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