You tease him at dinner with his parents

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Niall- Niall and you have been together for 1 year now and you still haven't met his parents yet. Tonight he had told you his mother had wanted to meet you finally and she wanted to have you over for dinner. You were quite nervous but Niall kept telling you that they'll love you. In the car you looked down into your hands as you played with your hands and bounced your knee due to how nervous you were. "Babe they'll love you stop worrying!" He said laughing at how nervous you were being. "But what if I say the wrong thing a-a-and what do I call your mom?" You said looking at him. "You can call her Mrs.Horan, and you won't say nothing wrong trust me" He said reaching your gaze real quick to turn his eyes back onto the road. "I hope your right" you whispered loud enough only for you to hear.
-after the car ride-
"Babe we're here!" Niall said excitedly getting out of the car, you soon followed and walked with him to the front door and he knocked on the door. "Hi Niall!" His brother said opening the door and coming over to him and hugging him. "This must be the lovely Y/n!" He said then hugging you, you all came in and ate dinner which was marvelous, you and Niall had helped putting dishes away, when you decided to make some trouble. You went over to Niall and whispered into his ear. "I wish you could fuck me so hard that I let your mom and brother know how good you are to me on this countertop but you can't, can you?" You said kissing his neck after walking away. "Hey uh mom? I'm going to the bathroom real quick!" Niall said quickly running to the bathroom hiding the obvious boner you had just given him. "What the hell!" You heard Niall yell, knowing you will not be able to walk for a week for the trouble you caused.

Harry- You are currently sitting at dinner with your boyfriend and his parents. You had been having bad thoughts about Harry since you guys left home and he decided to reject the mini blowjob you were gonna give him on the way and that kinda got you upset but you didn't let it show. "So y/n what do you do again?" Harry's mother said snapping you out of your thoughts. "Oh I model and I'm a artist on my free time" you said smiling. "Ah! What types of paintings?" She asked again, that's when you decided to play a little with Harry sitting next to you. "Oh I do naked Greek paintings" you said putting your hand on top of Harry's crotch and palming him teasingly slow. "And floral and just pretty much different types of things, I like to challenge myself into trying new things, right Harry?" You said looking up at Harry, only to be met by him being so weak under your touch. "Hm? Oh yea! Um y-y-yea you do a-a lot and like a c-challenge" Harry said stuttering every few words. "Harry you ok?" Harry's father said with worry wrapped 'round his voice. "Y-yea no, I'm p-perfectly f-fine!" He said letting out a quick and loud moan. "Oh dear! Are you sure?" His mom said, I just sat there smirking while I moved my hand a little harder against him. "Mom, dad no I'm fine I swear!" He said groaning out. "Babe you sure ?" You said stopping your hand and smiling so innocently at him knowing the treat you will be receiving when you get home.

Zayn-Zayn started showing you around his parents' house as you two were over for dinner. "Babe, your old room is so cute!" You squealed sitting on his bed. "Yea it's such a comfy bed isn't it?" He said adoring you from the door frame just then a thought popped into your thought. "Baby, how long till dinner?" You said smirking at him. "I-um- about 2 minuets" He said looking at his phone then looking at you. "Alright, that's enough time" you said laying back a little and opening your legs and bringing your hand to your underwear. "Love what're you doing ?" He said getting turned on instantly. "It feels so good Zayn" you said moving your underwear to the side and putting your index finger in. "I'm so tight and I needed to relax, don't you think babe?" You moaned. "Don't do something you'll regret y/n" he said said coming close to you. "Ugh fuck daddy I'm so close!" You whimpered. "Zayn & Y/n! Dinners ready come down!" Zayn's mom yelled, as soon as she yelled that you came. "Uh that felt so good Daddy, I think you should fix that before coming down don't you think?" You said reaching your hand down and palming Zayn a little before getting up and fixing yourself and walking away to get food and talk to his mom.

(Before his mom passed)Louis- Louis had been so oblivious to every sign you hinted saying your horny, so you brought it amongst yourself to make him turned on so you could fuck real quick in the bathroom. "So y/n what movie should we play?" Louis mother asked. "A scary movie could do?" you said setting up the dvd played while Louis sat on the couch behind you. "Alright I'll go grab some" she said standing up and walking to the movie collection, you stared back at Louis innocently and bent down in front of him and lifting your dress a tiny bit. "Babe stop" Louis said, you could see his erection through his pants. "My mom could walk in any moment!" He whispered yelled, you pulled your underwear to the side to show him how wet you were. "I'm so wet daddy" you moaned. "I can see that kitten, you would love if Daddy fucked the shit out of you right there huh?" He said palming himself, on cue his mom walked back in with 4 scary movies I thought these were pretty good!" she said as you were quick to fix yourself and act like you were still setting up the dvd, as in Louis she caught him. "Jeez Lou have some manners please!" She said. "Sorry mom! I'll be right back" he said going to the bathroom feeling embarrassed. "What happened with Lou?" You said. "Oh nothing sweetie, your too young!"she said laughing, you knew you were in for it at home.

Liam- You were with Liam eating dinner with his parents at their house. "It's so nice to see you again y/n!" His parents said. "It's great to see you aswell!" You said said hugging them both before they walked off to put the plates in the sink, you went under the table and started to unbuckle Liam's jeans. "Are you fucking crazy?!" Liam whispered yelled at you looking down. "No but you could be fucking me" you said whimpering while pulling out his erection. "If my parents catch yo- ugh" You cut him off by sucking his swollen tip. "Hey Liam where's the girlfriend?" Liam's mom said coming in with pie and setting it down on the table. "Oh she went to the car real quick, had to get a charger" he said said hesitantly. "Oh ok that's alright!" His mom said sitting down across him. You brought him all the way down to your throat and took him out and running your thumb over his slit, he hissed at the pleasure. "Liam are you ok?" His mom asked touching his arm across the table worriedly. "Yea mom I'm ok just a little back pain from moving furniture with y/n that's all." He said smiling back up at her. You then started bobbing your head again and felt him twitch. "I'm coming!-coming over again with the boys later to see you next week maybe" Liam said trying to cover his words in telling you he was close. "Oh that's great honey! I'm gonna go get us some plates" she said getting up and leaving the room, just then you had stopped and Liam hadn't cum yet. "Hey I didn't finish!" He whispered when you came back up from the table after fixing his belt. "Oh yea I know!" You said smiling at him, you knew it was something he hated that you did. "Ok that's alright babygirl" he said putting his hand on your knee. You already knew how long the night would be when you got home.

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