Chapter 3: paint me like one of your french girls

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The next day...
Clary pov

  I woke up early so I could set up my painting supplies and could do some work before my first class which was at 10. Izzy was already gone, she told me she went out training with Alec.
  I listened to the song Cool For The Summer by Demi Lovato through my ear buds. I swayed my hips as I let the song inspire my painting.

Don't tell your mother...

Kiss one another...

Die for each other...

We're cool for the summer!

  The song swayed my body without me trying and by the time I was finished my painting, it turned out to be a French girl, laying on a sofa, naked, with only a silk red sheet covering some of her body parts. She had pinned up curly red hair, with plump lips, and looked directly straight as if she were looking at you.
  I liked painting things that you can interpret in her own way. What is she looking at? Her lover? Is it a girl or a boy? What was she thinking? All these things were pondering through my thoughts but were cut off by someone clearing their throat.
  I turn around and see Jace standing there, shirtless, in some joggers. Damn he has good abs. I feel kind of embarrassed because I was swaying my body without knowing he was there while painting a naked person.
  "Um hey Jace, I didn't know you were standing there." I said pulling out my ear buds.
  "Obviously" He said laughing softly to himself.
  He walks around me and stares at my painting. "A naked French girl? I had no idea that was the kind of things that you were into." He says smirking at me.
  "I'm a painter. And I let the song I'm listening to determine what I paint. For some reason this is what came out of it." I say dropping my hands and shrugging.
  "Well... you have amazing work" He says fingering through other finished paintings I have against the wall. "If you need a new model for something..." he starts and I don't know if I want him to finish his sentence "you could always paint me as one of your French girls." He says gliding his finger through his hair.
  "I might take you up on that." I say laughing. "Um- I'm sorry but was there something that you needed?" I say.
  "Um yeah, actually... I just wanted to say I saw you training with that boy yesterday..." he says locking eye contact with me "you were amazing. Almost as amazing as me." He says eyeing me. "Is that a challenge? Cuz I'd really love to take up on your offer." I say putting my hands on my hips. "Why? Because you want to prove a girl can beat me or you just want to see me shirtless again?" He says mocking me.
  "Maybe both" I say teasingly. "Well its a challenge. Tonight. I would now but I have a class at 10." He says.
  "I do too. What class?" I say
  "Rune history with Mr. Hodge Starkweather"He says
  "Really? Me too." I say
  "Sounds great. We can walk to class together and after we can grab lunch and train." He says. "Sounds good to me." I say.
  "See ya, Red." He says waving two fingers in the air leaving my room.

Izzy's pov

  I'm finally home from training with Alec. I'm good but not that good. We did 5 rounds and I won 2. I just can't wait until I take off these heels and lay in my bed.
  I walk over to my room except I hear Clary and Jace talking in there. "You could always paint me as one of your French girls" He says flirtatiously to clary.
  For a few minutes they just go back and forth playfully flirting with one another when I here Jace asking her to go out to eat and train. That sounds like a date. I don't think I've ever witnessed my brother, Jace Lightwood, ever going on a date. It's always a one and done type of thing.
  He leaves the room and shuts the door behind him as he sees me staring at him. "What do you want, Isabelle?" He says.
  "Me? Nothing!" I say throwing my hands up playing innocent. "I'm just surprised that my big brother is finally taking things seriously and going on an actual date." I say giggling to myself.
  "Isabelle, I'm sure Maryse taught you it wasn't nice to ease drop on people conversations. And it's not a date." He says sternly. He only uses my full name when he annoyed or frustrated with me.
  "Oh I'm sure she did. And you can say it's not a date. But we both know what you want it to be." I say winking at him and walking past him into my room.


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