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Brock lifted Bucky's chin and kissed him deeply and roughly. Bucky blushes a little when Brock released him, Brock just smirked.

"I didn't know you where coming out here" Bucky stated.

Brock wrapped his arm around Bucky and began to walk down the side walk with him. "I had to catch you by surprise, Winter" He smirked.

"How long are you staying?" Bucky asked as they veered off course and headed towards a park.

"Only for a week, but know you can always come back with me, you've got the job with Pierce as long as you say your coming back." Brock said sitting down on a bench, pulling Bucky on to his lap.

"Brock, I already said I'm not dropping out of school." Bucky sighed leaning into Brock.

"What's wrong with coming back with me, a slut like you can't stand being with only one guy?" Brock asked harshly, shoving Bucky off his lap on to the concrete.

Bucky winced "I swear, I'm not seeing anyone else!" He whimpered.

"Then why can't you do this one thing for me?!" Brock yelled "I give you every thing, I took you under my wing when you had no one, I drove all the way out to Brooklyn for you! Yet you're still so ungrateful you can't even do one thing for me!" He looked down at Bucky.

Bucky looked away from Brock and stood up, "I didn't want to move Brock. And I want to be with you more, I really do, but I have to finish school." Bucky explained.

"Let's go before people start staring." Brock snapped beginning to walk down the sidewalk, Bucky followed him.

Bucky walked with Brock through the park. He noticed people staring at them, he couldn't tell if they where staring because it was a gay couple, or if they heard their argument. Brock suddenly grabbed Bucky's had lacing their fingers together.

"Brock?" Bucky whispered.

"I thought you liked holding my hand?" Brock glared at Bucky.

Bucky didn't say anything, he just continued to walk. He leaned his head on Brock. They continued to walk for a while before Bucky's phone dinged.

Bucky sighed "I really need to get going, I should have been home already."

"I just got here and you're already leaving, I can see where your priorities lye!" Brock scowled pulling his hand away from Bucky.

"I'm sorry Brock, it's just that my dad's going out of town for a few days, I need to be at home when he leaves." Bucky explained.

"You're going to see your dad in three days, you haven't seen me in weeks!" Brock yelled.

Bucky grabbed Brocks hand. "Brock please, I'll make it up to you! We can spend time together while my dad's gone." He pleaded, only to get a fist driven into his cheek.

"You deserved that." Brock stated "If that's how you want to make it up to me, then I'll see you tomorrow." He added kissing Bucky's cheek right above where he had punched.

Bucky could feel his mouth filling with blood and he could tell his cheek was bruising. A small stream of blood fell from his mouth. He walked home in silence with his head down. His father look angry and worried when Bucky walked in the door.

George was just about to ask what happened when Bucky spoke "Don't even ask, I deserved it. Besides it doesn't hurt anyways." He lied about the last part, it hurt like heck but he wasn't going to say anything.

"Just try to stay out of trouble while I'm gone." George sighed. He hugged Bucky "Don't burn the house down while I'm gone."

"No promises" Bucky replied hugging back "Be safe" he muttered.

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