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Steve started with the question that had been bothering him most "Why wouldn't you talk to me?"

Winter sighed "I don't know, a lot has changed since we were 12 Steve."

"Well what was California like"

"Loud" Winter answered "Crowded"

"I guess with that many people it's easy to make friends"

Winter shook his head "Not really. It took me three years"

Steve looked shocked "I'm sorry, I just thought tha-"

"You thought wrong!" Winter snapped unintentionally.

"Seriously, what did I do, this cant just be about us not seeing each other in So long" Steve replied to Winter yelling.

"You wanna know why Steve? You weren't there!" Winter yelled "I was always there for you! But then the moment I needed you there for me you never came!"

"What do you mea-" Steve's question was cut off.

"The car crash Steve! I was in the hospital, I lost half my family!" Winter could feel his eyes filling with tears "I was there for everyone of your doctors appointments, every time you where in the hospital, I was there! You weren't, I lost my mom, I lost my sister, I lost my freaking arm, and you never once came!"

"I tried, I really did." Steve replied "I'm sorry I wasn't there, I tried to come see you, I was so scared when you where in the crash, I thought I was going to loose you!"

Bucky felt silent hot tears slide down his cheeks. He squinted his eyes to stop them. Steve noticed and placed his hand on Winter's shoulder.

"Bucky?" Steve whispered Winter looked up slightly "I'm really sorry I couldn't be there. You have every right to be upset." He sighed "But I really did miss you, and I want to be friends, can we try again."

"If your gonna call me that just don't do it in front of other people" Bucky laughed.

"What? Why?" Steve asked tilting his head.

"You really think it's easy to make new friends when people call you Bucky" Winter rolled his eyes.

"So that's why you changed your name to Winter?" Steve chuckled "I don't think Winter's much better."

"First, has that already spread around the whole school, and second, Winter wasn't my idea, it was my friends' idea" Bucky wiped his face with his sleeve.

"So you're okay with the Bucky thing now." Steve half asked half stated.

"Not around other people." Bucky replied.

"Alright, but don't expect me to call you Winter, if it's not Bucky, it's James" Steve smiled.

"Okay." Bucky sighed "My turn, when did all of this happen? I mean you doubled in size."

"Puberty. It's a miracle." Steve shrugged his shoulders.

Bucky examined Steve "So thanks to puberty, you went from, five foot, ninety pound, sickly, little Stevie, to, I'd say, six two, two hundred pound, football captain, Steve Rogers."

"Yeah, and I'm only one ninety" Steve chuckled "You didn't change much that way, you look about twenty pounds heavier and four inches taller."

"Accurate." Bucky agreed "Five six to five ten, one thirty to one fifty"

"You're biggest change was style and attitude" Steve scanned Bucky.

Bucky quickly checked his phone, "Yeah, uh you should probably go and eat lunch now." He suggested.

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