Chapter 2: Simon

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Clary pov

  I just left my dorm, thank the lord, because it was getting kind of awkward. Izzy seemed very nice, and pretty, and sweet and all but her brothers weren't exactly all cozy and warm as she is.
  Luckily I can take my mind off it by training with Jon. The training rooms here are astonishing. They are huge and have equipment for what seems like could last you forever.
   "Let's switch it up" Jon says smirking "you get 10 seconds to run and get as many weapons as you want or need" he says and I nod. "Ready...set...go!" He says and be both sprint to the weapons closet.
  A grab 2 daggers and shove them in the back of my bra (dont judge, your girls gotta be resourceful) and I grab my favorite weapon of choice, a staff. Jon grabs 3 throwing knives and shoves them into his jeans and a sword.
  "TIMES UP" he yells and we smirk at each other. "Get into fighting position" He says and we put up our hands and guard our face. "GO" he yells and I charge at him with my staff going right to his side but blocks me smoothly as we keep going back and forth.
  After us both failing attempts to hit each other with our weapons I put a strengthening rune on and jab my staff into his right side. He grunts out in pain and gives me an evil smile. I jab it into the other side. I see a moment of weakness and I take every chance I get so I used my staff to trip him and knock him off his feet and I hold the staff of to his neck.
  "I won... like always." I brag and dust off my shoulders as if it was nothing. I look down at him and it looks like I got him good. "Jon... I'm so sorry I didn't mean to hurt you so" I say as I draw an iratze on his shoulder. It works almost instantly and he gets up.
  "It's okay, Clare. All it means is your improving." He says fist bumping me. "That or your becoming old and slow." I say laughing.
  After doing a few more rounds of my winning we call it a day. We go our separate ways as I go outside about to head to my dorm. Bump. "Oh my god- I'm so sorry- that's totally my fault- you'd think I'd learn from bumping into another person today." I say rambling pick up the guys water bottle I made him drop.
  I look up to him and he has warm brown eyes, Brown hair, glasses, and a really cute smile. "Oh- uh- no it's nothing-" he says stammering and I giggle because he's kinda cute. "I'm so sorry to bother you Miss Morganstern it'll never happen again." he says looking down at his feet.
  "Miss Morganstern? How- how do you know who I am?" I say confused.
  "You're joking right?" He says finally looking up at me smiling.
  "No? I'm so I know you? Did we have a class together or something?" I say back confused.
  "No, no, you're just- you're a legend. You arguably the best shadowhunter of our generation- I just didn't know I would ever get to meet you- it's an honor." He says stammering his words again.
  "Honor? Um yeah I guess." I say blushing as I mess with my hair.
  "I am so sorry to bother you it'll never happen again." He says about to walk away but I grab him "No, it's totally fine. It was nice to meet you Simon." I say smiling and he nods and walks away.

Jace pov

  Alec and I were sparing as I saw Clary and some other guy fighting. She took him down to the ground like it was nothing. Like a reflex for her.  She got him good, too. She had to put a iratze on him.
  Now that I think about it, she's kinda cute. She's very fiery and strong and independent. Not like some of the other girls I hook up with.

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