°lucid dreams°

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(lucid dreams is a rrly good song)
Jun-ho pov

They really think taking Jungkook back would be that easy?

Pshhh let's see how that works out for their "baby".

Jungkooks pov

I wake up next to a cute sleeping jimin I go to wake him up by shaking him but when I do he won't wake up

"Hyung?" I shake him

"Jimine!?" I say louder

"Jimin why wont you wake up?!" I say as i start to cry.

"Because I warned you if you ever left I'd kill them didn't I , now I got you back baby boy" jun-hos voice says yet I can't see him.

Everything gose black

I wake up in that dirty white bed I thought I'd never be in again,

"No" I say knowing where I am.


I start to cry as I see him walk through that old wooden door.

"P-p-please stay away"

"Oh I can't do that baby you ran away once it won't happen again now I have you back and you will never go back, time for punishment...''

He says as he gets closer




I wake up.

I'm sweating like a dog and I realise it was just a dream I look to my side and see jimin in the same position I saw him in my sleep- oh no.

I quickly hop up and scuttle to his side and start frantically shaking him well crying "jimine wake up!".

He quickly opens his eyes letting them adjust for a quick second till he realised whats going on and quickly sat up and looked worried, i let out a long sigh of relief as tears continued to fall.

"What baby is everything okay ?! are you okay? What happened?!" Jimin asked well pulling me close and hugging me tightly well petting hair.

"D-dream you died jimine and jun-ho got me again and hurt me again and y-you died jimine!" I cry as I snuggle closer to my boyfriend. (canIjustsayIlovewriteing"boyfriend")

"Shhhh baby well it was just a dream I'm still here and we will never let Jun-ho get you again." ;) He said kissing the top of my head till he moved down to my fore head then my nose then he pulled away and brought his small hands up to brush my hair out of my face and leaned in to kiss my lips.

It was the first real kiss I have experienced since the day jin kissed me the day I got shot.

He slowly moved his plump lips up and down over my slightly chapped ones as I kissed back placing my hands behind his neck to deepen the kiss.

Once we pulled away for the need of oxygen we looked fondly into each other's eyes.

I admired his beautiful eyes and nose and lips and... God his beautiful everything.

"Let's get the others up shall we?" He suggested and I nodded .
Even though it was just a dream why do I feel like Everytime I turn around Jun-ho will be standing there ready to get me.

It was just a dream, I try to tell myself but I still have this feeling in me telling me it was more than that.

What if he does come back? ;)

I get snapped out of my thoughts when I feel arms wrap from behind me. Not to tightly which I take to notice they are still being cautious about my wounds.

"What ya thinking about so deeply baby?" I hear the deep voice of Taehyung say right behind my left ear.

"I think Jun-ho is after me!". I blurt out not thinking.

I feel Taehyung tense for a moment before going back to hugging me, as i lean back into his touch.

"Mmmh no baby we won't let him touch you ever again I promise( ;) ) plus how dumb can he be to come after you with all the police after him...so don't worry baby and just let your boyfriend's take care of you.". He said peppering my neck with small kisses making me giggle well a slight hue of pink was on my cheeks.

"Pretty" peck

"Cute" peck

"Sweet" peck

"And mine" nibble

I leaned back into his slightly rougher kiss hes placing onto my pale neck.

"Ours I think you meant." I hear the voice of Hobi hyung say.

I giggle and pull away from Taehyung and walk over to my Hobi hyung and hug him.

So glad I'm finally home and safe

But why do I feel like something bad about to happen?

Woahhhh short  chap filler woopwopppp also lol kooks not gonna die it was a joke silly beans it says happy ending in the bio.

Not so Fun fact- when I type jun-ho the first auto correct suggestion is "releases" *throws up in every language*

Also credits to my bootyful wife on giving me an a idea for dis chap❤️ zucchin bby❤️

Also check out this little jungkook X bts ff I rrly like, it's rrly fluffy so it's a relief from this ff😂 it's by KawaiiQU33N and called " a forgivable lie" super good GO READ NOW MY READERS


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