Chapter 6 ~ The Seven

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We didn't know what to do so we called the rest of The Seven over to see if we could figure out something. I was getting a little tiny bit scared. If Annabeth can't figure out what to do then who can!


"So what do we do?" asked Jason

We had just finished telling our friends what was happening

"I think the best thing to do is go to Chiron" Hazel replied

"Yeah I think that's the best thing to do-" 

" I made COOKIES," my mom said as she put down the precious plate of cookies on the table.

" Were!" 



"But I love them more"


I know what your thinking. Why would we fight over some cookies when we have bigger problems?  The answer to that is...well I don't know. We just love cookies.

While they were all fighting over who would get the cookies I grabbed the cookies from the table and ran as fast as I could to my room. 




I got inside and locked the door. I could hear them scratching my door and screaming.





"TO LATE," I screamed as I stuffed the cookies in my mouth.

"TO LATE," I screamed as I stuffed the cookies in my mouth

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I could hear someone crying on the other side. Once I was finished eating all the cookies I brushed all the crumbs of my shirt. I knew that if I went out of my room my friends would kill me so I decided to take a climb out of my window and take a walk. I put on a blue hoodie and some random shoe and jumped out the window. There was this rusty ladder near the window. I used it to get to the ground. I put my hood up and started walking. I went to a park and sat down on a bench. I was watching some kids playing tag when this one kid on the monkey bars started screaming for his mom. I wanted to help so, I walked over to him and asked him

"What's wrong"

"I'm stuck! Go get my mommy!" He screamed 

I knew he wouldn't let me get him down so I turned around to get his mom when I came face to face with the people who started this whole mess.


The monkey bar thing actually happened to me when I was seven. I told this other kid to get my mom and brought over a random lady. It was so awkward when I told him that was not my mom...

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