Chapter 58: You Said That Before

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"You are in my house with my wife," I said as calmly as I could. "I wanna break your fuckin neck right now, but I know that won't solve anything."

"It won't," Phillip said crossing his arms. He was looking at me warily, as if he wanted to prove to me that he wasn't scared.

It bothered me that Joy had this man in our house, but it was only one more reminder of the fact that she was serious about moving on with her life. That shit hurt like hell but I realized that I needed to see this in order for me to take her seriously.

"You ever been married before?" I asked as calmly as I could muster. I wanted to kill him watching him display ownership over my wife.


"Then you don't know how fucked up this whole situation is," I told him. "I love that woman in that house...more than anybody I've ever loved in my life." I pointed towards the door.

"I love her, too," he added with a challenge in his voice.

"Not in the way I do. What Joy and I have" my voice had gotten louder and I was gesturing with my hands as I talked.

"Then why did you cheat on her?" He asked.

His comment caused me to pause. Joy had obviously told him everything.

"Yea, I fucked up and I hurt my wife," I said. "But it was a mistake. I'm trying to fix it now."

"Some mistakes you can't come back from," he returned.

"Oh, and I guess you're perfect? You've never done anything wrong?" He didn't answer so I kept going. "I know a lot of shit about you."

"I don't dance anymore, Joy knows I stopped," he said around a frown.

"Does she know about all of the other bitches that you've fucked? Even while with her?" I asked. I wasn't sure if that was true but I wanted to see his reaction. I was taking a guess about him being faithful to her or not.

And then his head turned and he didn't answer right away. It was then that I knew that he had either cheated or was cheating on her.

"I'm all about Joy now and that's all that matters," he said with a shrug of his shoulders. "That's all she needs to know."

I could only shake my head at his response. "You fucked my wife, you're still fuckin' my wife and you have the nerve to stand in my face and admit to messin' around on her?"

"It's a little more complicated than that, and technically what goes on between me and her is none of your business."

"That woman in that house will always be my business," I stated. Once again our eyes squared off, we were both on guard to be ready to advance on the other if need be. "If you really loved her you need to come clean to her-"

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