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Hi everyone,

So now that I hopefully have your attention, I just want to clarify first that I'm not going to put author's notes everywhere in the book, I always find it annoying in other stories. This is going to be the only one, and if I have anything else to say later, I'll put comments at the beginning of my chapters.

This story is already fully written and finished. I'm going to publish a chapter everyday for a month (there are 29 chapters) because I want the process to be gradual. For now, I have 0 readers, but through my publishing, I hope I will gain at least one, otherwise I will feel pretty useless hahaha... I mean, I wrote this story for fun, and to accomplish myself, but it would be a lot more amazing to share it with other people 😊.

Last thing I have to say is that this story is very special to me, not only because it's the first time I've actually finished something I had started to write, but also because I've written all of this in my second language (my first is French). I sincerely hope that you won't be able to tell while reading, but I'm almost sure that there are going to be few mistakes of language and I apologize for it. Anyway, you'll notice that the names of the characters are mostly written the French way, that they live in Quebec, Canada and that some references are maybe strange to you (like a cégep = a type of college we have to attend between high school and university). Feel free to criticize me or point out mistakes, because as long as your comments are respectful, I'll greatly appreciate them.

Thank you for reading me, don't forget to vote if you like the story, and may our journey be the most pleasant possible!

Valeria xx    

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