Chapter 4; Lies And Jealousy

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~The Next Day At School~

The time was 6:58. Olivia stood outside the main doors of the school. Just two more minutes until the doors unlock, she thought to herself. As she waited she looked around and noticed the girls approaching her. "Liv!" Ebony called out. Olivia smiled and waved. "Goodmorning girls!" Olivia responded. They walked over to Olivia. "Triniti got a car yesterdat, that's why she wasn't here. She drove us in. I would have asked you but honestly there wasn't much room left." Ebony admitted. "It's okay, I love walking anways." Olivia responded. "Right. Because she loves nature." Chyna spoke out. Ebony looked over at Chyna and instantly Chyna remembered their talk from yesterday. Chyna discreetly sighed. "Liv, I want to apologize for my behavior yesterday. It wasn't personal. That's just who I am. I hope we can start over." Chyna said. Olivia could hear the careless tone she had in her voice. Still, Olivia accepted. She kept her guard up though. The two minutes passed by and a clicking noise was heard signafying the doors were now unlocked. The girls made their way inside and right to their lockers. Ebony, Indea, Mishell, and Chyna all had the lockers across from Liv and directly next to eachother. Triniti's locker was located next to Olivia's.
The girls quickly put their stuff away and grabbed what they needed. "You guys want to go to the cafeteria for a while?" Ebony asked. The cafeteria was a holding spot if your class had been locked and the teacher hadn't yet arrived. The girls hung there before the bell regardless of their classes being opened or not. They all nodded and began walking to the cafeteria. Olivia fell back. "Um, one second." Olivia called out and turned to Mr. Jackson's class. She began walking over and saw him sitting at his desk. The door was open. She partially walked inside and knocked on the door. Mr. Jackson looked up and a smile immediately grew on his face. "Liv, hey." He softly said. Olivia smirked. "I just wanted to come and say goodmorning, Mr. Jackson." Olivia said. "Well, goodmorning Liv. Have a nice day today." He responded. Olivia smiled "You as well. I'll see you first period." Olivia responded and joined her friends again. They all sat in the cafeteria and waited to the homeroom bell to ring. The time was now 7:15 and the bell was to ring at 7:20. Olivia sat in silence thinking about Mr. Jackson. She admired the friendship her teacher and her were beginning to have. "You thinkin' about Mr. Jackson, aren't ya?" Ebony interrupted her thoughts. Olivia snapped out of it. "No, I'm very tired." Olivia lied. "Tired people don't normally smirk about being tired." Ebony teased. Olivia laughed. "Oh hush, Eb. Even if I was, it's not like that. He's a great teacher. He is cute, but still. I don't think like that about him. He's at least 10 years older than me. Plus I'm his student." Olivia continued to make excuses knowing she had a little crush on her teacher. Ebony just shook her head and chuckled. The next 5 minutes passed by quickly and the first bell rang. The girls went to home room along with other students who scurried to their home rooms as well.

The second bell for homeroom rang and attendance was quickly taken. It took about 3 minutes to take attendance and the remaining 7 were spent with friends having conversations. As soon as the first period bell rang, Olivia rushed to Mr. Jackson's class. She hurried inside to her seat. Mr. Jackson smiled at her and made his way into the hall to greet the other students. Olivia could feel her stomach get butterflies. She hadn't realized her crush was becoming deeper. Students scurried inside and the second bell rang and class had begun. "Good morning everyone, today is Thursday which means that tomorrow is the due date of the project I assigned earlier this week. I'm going to give you the next 35 remaining minutes of class to get any extra information you may need to complete the project." Mr. Jackson announced. Immediately everyone got out their smart phones but no one did any work. However, Olivia did. She got out a sheet of paper and took down some notes. She got a lot of valuable information in order to complete the project and soon class was over. The first bell rang dismissing students from their class and into second period. "Um, Olivia, stay back please?" Mr. Jackson asked her. Girls threw jealous looks her way as she walked over to Mr. Jackson's desk.
"How is your day going so far?" He asked her.
"Is that why you asked me to stay back, because I'm gonna be late." She responded
"No, just figured I'd ask. Although I am curious to know how your day went with the girls yesterday?" He asked.
"Um, no offense Mr. Jackson, but why are you so concerned?" She asked.
He smiled, "you're just a very good student and person in general, don't get caught up with the wrong people okay?"
"I appreciate the concern, but with all due respect those are my friends you're talking about. I think I made a good choice." She replied with a snippy tone.
"Look, Liv. I didn't mean to offend you, I've been teaching the same students for two years and they never made any friends outside of their cirlce. There's a reason why, and I care enough about you to tell you. So just be careful, okay?" He responded.
She smirked. "I guess you do have a bit more insight than I do." She joked. "Thanks for looking out. Also, do you mind if I stay after today? I'd like to finish my project here so you can look over it and make sure it's good." Olivia asked.
"Of course, Liv. You're always welcome to stay." Mr. Jackson replied.
"It'll suck to walk in this temperature, but hey, I need good grades." Olivia joked. There was a minute before the bell was about to ring. "I've got to go, see you later Mr. Jackson!" Olivia said before exiting.
Mr. Jackson watched her walk out with a smile on his face. This was one of two of his free periods so he took this time to plan out his lessons for the day. Instead of doing that he made his way to the main office to see the principle. "I'm here to talk to Mr. Brown." He said to on of the ladies in the office. "He's in his office, you can go in Mr. Jackson. Mr. Jackson smiled and made his way inside. "Goodmorning Mr. Brown, how are you doing today?" Mr. Jackson greeted him. "Michael, it's always a pleasure. You don't have to call me by my last name." He responded. "Alrighty then, I apologize Terrance." Mr. Jackson responded. "So, what is it you wanted to talk about, Michael?" Mr. Brown asked. "I have a student staying after with me today and I understand that it is against school policy to give students a ride but I was wondering if I would be able to break that rule today. The weather is supposed to be freezing. Lower than it is now and she has to walk everyday." Mr. Jackson began. "We'd have to talk to the mother, if she says yes then I do not see why it would be a problem. Not only today but anyday. Can I have the student's name?" Mr. Brown asked. "Of course, her name is Olivia Garcia." Mr Jackson responded. Mr. Brown looked up her information and contacted her mother. "Goodmorning Ms. Garcia. This is the principle of Cleveland City High School speaking. Your daughter, Olivia Garcia is staying after with her English Teacher, Mr. Michael Jackson. I am here with him in my office as we speak and he offered to give your daughter a ride home today with your permission." Mr. Brown spoke. "Alright, thank you and have a nice day Ms. Garcia." He said before hanging up the phone. "She said she would be very thankful and she approves of it anytime Olivia is in need of a ride as long as you do not mind." He tells Mr. Jackson. Mr. Jackson smiles. "Thank you sir. Have a nice day." Mr. Jackson says as he exits the office and returns to his class.

~End Of The Day~

The final bell rang signifying that school was over. Olivia began making her way to Mr. Jackson's class. The girls followed. "Liv, wanna hang today?" Ebony asked. "I can't, I really have to finish this project. Aren't you guys a bit worried?" Olivia asks. "Girl, Chy slept with him. He gives us 100's just because of that." Ebony lied knowing it could mess with Olivia. Olivia's whole demeanor changed. "Oh." She responded and entered Mr. Jackson's class. She was looking at him differently in this moment. He began to notice. "Is there something wrong Olivia?" He asked. She ignored him and started her project. "Liv?" He asked again. Still. No answer. He got up from his desk and walked over to her. "Earth to Liv. Hello?" He asked again. She finally looked up. "Mr. Jackson. I have a question. It's very awkward for me, but um. Have you ever slept with any of your students?" Olivia asked. Mr. Jackson's eyes grew wide. "Olivia. Why would you ever ask me such a thing? I would never dream of it." Mr. Jackson responded. "I'm sorry. Ebony tol-" Olivia started. "Ebony? Ebony Jonson? What did she say?" He angrily asked. "That you slept with Chyna.." olivia truthfully told him. "Never. I can't believe they'd say such a thing." He said in shock. "They said other things as well." Olivia began opening up. "Like what? He asked. "They accused me of sleeping with you. And Chyna called me a dumb bitch when I refused to admit it was true." She admitted. "What the hell?" He responded. "You're not dumb. Or a bitch. I can't believe that." He added. She smiled. "knowing that it isn't true I don't let it bother me." Olivia responded. "Well, I hope that information doesn't find it's way back to Mr. Brown. I could lose my job." He admitted. "Don't worry, I think they only said it to make me jealous." Olivia admitted. Mr. Jackson smirked, "Oh? And what reason would you have to be jealous?" He teased knowing about her obvious crush. Olivia blushed. "I'm going to start my project now. Feel free yo sit next to me and assist me, teacher." Olivia joked. Olivia worked on her project with the help of Mr. Jackson and eventually finished it. "I forgot to inform you. Mr. Brown called your mother and I will be your ride home from now on. I can pick you up in the morning if you'd like as well?" Mr. Jackson asked. Olivia smiled. "I'll let you know." Olivia said as they walked to Mr. Jackson's car. "Alright, show me where you live olivia" he smiled. She directed him to her house and Mr. Jackson stopped in front of it. "So, how are you supposed to let me know about picking you up if you've got no way to contact me?" Mr. Jackson asked. Olivia got out a pen and paper and handed it to him. "Give me your number." She demanded. "Wow, straight to the point, huh?" He teased and wrote his number down. Olivia grabbed it and got out of the car. "Goodbye Mr. Jackson. I'll see you tomorrow." She waved and walked to her front door. He waited to make sure she got in safely and once she did, he pulled off.

~Later That Night~

While laying in bed, Olivia decides to text Mr. Jackson. The time was now 9:32.

Olivia: Hey Mr. Jackson. It's Olivia. I'd like to take you up on that offer for a ride in morning.

She waited about 10 minutes and no response. She figured she'd be walking again. She put her phone down and got in her sleeping position. As she closed her eyes her phone made a dinging noise.

Mr. Jackson: Liv, it's 9:42, what are you still doing up?

Olivia: That's not what I asked Mr. Jackson.

Mr. Jackson: 😂 okay, okay. Before you get sassy with me. I'll be there to pick you up. What time?"

Olivia: 6:30 works for me. Also, you know me very well. Lol. Thanks again for helping me today, get some rest. Goodnight.

Mr. Jackson: It was my pleasure. You need to get some rest as well. No sleeping in my class young woman. Lol. Goodnight.

With that, Olivia smiled and fell fast asleep. . .

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