“What? Do you think he plans on swooping in and taking her back? Good luck with that. She’s obviously crazy about you.” Liam said, rolling his eyes.

“I don’t trust him.” I mumbled, grabbing a spoon and some cereal. Liam walked over, biting my shoulder before reminding me I was the crazy one here.

“You are honestly so weird.” I said, shaking my head.

Three hours later, Liam had gone off to Danielle, Niall went to ‘watch a movie’ at Sydney’s house (yeah, right.) (A/N YOU'RE WELCOME SYD), and Harry had gone shopping. Kylie, Louis and I were alone in the house. It would be perfect, minus one thing.

Louis was here.

Don’t get me wrong, I love Lou. He’s my best friend, my band mate; we lived right down the hall from each other. But all I wanted was some time with my secret girlfriend without being embarrassed.

We were in Kylie’s room, just sitting on her bed and watching a movie because Louis was watching Family Guy downstairs and refused to change it. Kylie kissed me lightly, but I pulled her on top of me and deepened it. About two minutes later, Lou walked in.

“Go Zayn!” He called. “Finally doing it with Kylie after many years!”

“We are not DOING IT.” Kylie said, rolling away and blushing.

“Suuuuure.” Louis said, winking dramatically and walking back out.

I shut the door behind him, locking it. Kylie gave me a questioning look and I whispered, “Let’s give him a show.  Play along.” She smirked.

“Zayn locked it! You guys are SO shagging!” For the oldest one in the group, Louis was very immature.

“Where were we?” I said loudly enough so Lou could hear from outside.

“Come here and I’ll remind you.” Kylie put in suggestively, smiling. I heard a small scream from outside.

“You come here.” Loudly. For Lou. She got up and I pushed her against the door, and it shook, making a noisy bang.

“Zaaaayn.” She moaned, even though all I was doing was standing there.

“Holy fuck! They’re actually…in the house!” Lou murmured from outside the door to himself.

“Kylie, don’t tease me!” I said, and Kylie was holding a hand to her mouth, trying to stifle her laughs.

“I need you, Zayn.” She said, barely holding out a giggle.

“Oh fuck!” I yelled 20 seconds later.

“Harder!” Kylie banged back against the wall, laughing silently. Her face was red and tears were running down her cheeks. I was on the floor, holding my stomach and cracking up quietly.

“Yes, Zaaayn!” she screamed, banging on the wall again.

“Kylie!” I moaned loudly, and she hit the wall one final time.

“That was amazing.” She said loudly.

“Oh my god!” Louis yelled. “EW!!”

Tears were running down both of our faces, we were laughing so hard nothing came out. “That...was…hilarious.” Kylie whispered in between giggles.

“He’s going to tell everyone.” I said, laughing still.

“I don’t care.” Kylie smiled. “We’ll just tell them the truth.”

“And maybe…” she said after a pause, biting her lip.

“Maybe what?” I asked, confused.

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